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delphi com port component d7

2015-03-04 15:10    By:kami      View:56      Download:0

delphi componentfor rs232 communication to windowsconnect micro controller or other devices to delphi program environment...

Driver Development Delphi

Source codes of [ARM System developer's Guide]

2015-03-24 01:36    By:tassard      View:74      Download:0

The [ARM System developer's Guide] is an arm classic material, however this book Appendix source code download link has expired. Now that I finally found the code....

Embeded ASM

java Qnode program

2013-10-03 02:16    By:sashi      View:16      Download:0

 */ public class QNode{         public int id=-1;     public int label=-1;     // neighbors list     public QNode [] adj = new QNode[3]...

Java Development Java


2015-03-25 10:01    By:575716237      View:47      Download:1

Wi-Fi Direct applet case , program shows you how to create this kind of customer-service socket communication, and JPEG picture transfer from the client to the server , very useful reference for beginners to learn....

Java Development Java

Android VideoPlayer

2015-03-03 06:41    By:小宇子      View:126      Download:1

Small demo of Android, everyone can see! Learn Android code to get started! System for Android 1.6 or above code! To be able to run. Is a small player VideoPlayer source code...

Java Development Java


2014-12-11 16:12    By:zjzkxx      View:25      Download:0

UnicomPaymentdemo_UTF-8 │ ├ Src ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ class folder │  │ │ ├com.unicompay │  │ │ └config Based information ││└ ConfigInfo.java ┈┈┈┈┈ configuration property files │ └sign ││├ HashEncrypt.java...

Java Development Java

Ibatis get started demo

2015-01-30 01:06    By:thomas110      View:19      Download:0

Ibatis get started demo, we want to help you. There are source code and configuration instructions, database tables are required to establish, the database type using SQLServer2008....

Java Development Java

sistema de envio de messagem

2013-11-27 01:03    By:Artur      View:7      Download:0

sistema de embarque de navio permite o embarque de navio; o controle do valor a pagar; o controle do tempo de atrazo...

Java Development Java

xbbcode xbbcode

2013-12-17 07:19    By:pxjianke      View:13      Download:0

xbbcode xbbcode xbbcode xbbcode xbbcode xbbcode xbbcode xbbcode...

Java Development Java

Pyasn1 demo

2014-12-12 08:34    By:ltl_312      View:22      Download:0

SNMP,Python library for pysnmp,Python language for pyasn1 demo...

Embeded Python

Adroid camera development demo

2014-12-08 01:55    By:lijinhua      View:20      Download:0

This source code is an Android mobile phone camera development demo, able to open the camera, camera, video recording, close the camera features such as annotations clearly, for Android beginners help greatly....

Java Development Java

de2 practice source 2-3

2014-12-04 09:15    By:jamiechoo      View:11      Download:0

Part III Figure 2a shows a circuit for a full adder, which has the inputs a, b, and ci, and produces the outputs s and co. Parts b and c of the figure show a circuit symbol and truth table for the full adder, which produces the two-bit binary sum cos = a + b + ci. Figure 2d shows how four instanc...

Embeded VHDL

de2 practice source 2-1

2014-12-05 11:17    By:jamiechoo      View:22      Download:0

Part I We wish to display on the 7-segment displays HEX3 to HEX0 the values set by the switches SW15−0. Let the values denoted by SW15−12, SW11−8, SW7−4 and SW3−0 be displayed on HEX3, HEX2, HEX1 and HEX0, respectively. Your circuit should be able to display the digits from 0 to 9, and...

Embeded VHDL

VC++deS encryption and decryption algorithm

2015-01-20 01:59    By:xiaocaoliqilin      View:48      Download:1

This is a c++ based deS encryption algorithms including VC source code: 1. the selector function 2. key; key 16-round loop function 3.deS encryption function 4.deS decrypt function Specify source code explained very clearly, including functions, parameter description, i...

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C++

Web service Ville (Gestion des villes contenant des apartements)

2014-12-16 13:48    By:neto      View:76      Download:0

Managing Cities -  Urban Management containing apartments, each contients City of apartments that are free on a date given in parameter. Gestion de Villes  -  Gestion des villes contenant des apartements, chaque Ville contients des apartements qui son...

Java Development Java

stm32f10x example code

2015-03-05 07:34    By:cvcvcv      View:45      Download:1

C wrote asynchronous RS232 serial communication module, 16550 UART chip, Transceivers interruption data, 115,200 bps maximum baud rate, since the definition of sending and receiving data buffer size, support hardware and software flow control....

Embeded C

demo_TabActivity deprecated

2015-03-12 04:52    By:1922724064      View:15      Download:0

Contains 5 pages in a TabControl pages: home page, category pages, shopping cart pages, user Center pages, VIP privileges pages, including 5 buttons in a TabControl, each button displays each page individually....

Java Development Java


2014-12-17 06:55    By:babu      View:51      Download:0

video capturing using java with the support of JMF(java Media Framework), works well wi jdk 1.6 and above, live videos from devices are displayed in a frame...

Java Development Java

uC FS source code

2015-02-25 21:37    By:robinqiancp      View:49      Download:0

Micrium uC FS ' source code, supports FAT, while supporting multiple media media, easy to learn, and transplantation, especially in the embedded field has a very wide range of markets and applications As a learning and use is very good information....

Embeded C
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