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Compiler principles, please first set; written in C++, and uses a two-dimensional array.

2015-10-21 03:43    By:andyzhangyao      View:10740      Download:0

Seeking first set; written in VS2010; using a two-dimensional array. Input format is: S->AB|sd A->bc B->a|* C->a D->a...

编译原理 C++

channel equalizer with adaptive filter nlms

2015-11-15 07:39    By:iustinavizuroiu      View:59      Download:1

Channel equalizer with adaptive filter nlms in Simulink.An Equalizer is a compensator for Channel Distortion. For communication channels in which thechannel characterestics are unknown or time-varying, optimum transmit and receive filters cannotbe designed directly. For such channels, an equalizer i...

Matlab Matlab

Bp decoding algorithm of LDPC codes

2015-11-05 21:36    By:xiaoshanxiaoshi      View:168      Download:1

This code is based on LDPC codes and decoding algorithm of matlab, and gets the ber curve, for LDPC code has a great value...

Matlab Matlab

Implementation of WorstFit,BestFit,firstFit

2015-07-22 21:36    By:317411971      View:42      Download:0

Using JavaScript to achieve the WorstFit,BestFit,firstFit, you can visualize the differences and connections...

OS Develop JavaScript


2015-11-03 08:12    By:binhtranvan31      View:56      Download:0

Accumulate.xls AKGolf.xls Analytic.xls AppendixA.xls AsianCall.xls AsianCallVarReduction.xls AssetOrNothingCall.xls BatchFit.xls BermuPut.xls Bernoulli.xls Binomial.xls BullSpread.xls CLT.xls CorrelatedGBM.x...

File VB


2015-10-25 16:06    By:blindboof      View:95      Download:1

NumericalMethods in Engineering withMATLAB  R is a text for engineering students and a reference for practicing engineers, especially those who wish to explore the power and efficiency of MATLAB. The choice of numerical methods was based on their relevance to engineering problems.Ever...

Matlab Matlab

ADC interface with 8051

2015-09-23 21:51    By:nagarebel      View:173      Download:0

ADC INTERFACING with 8051 board contains the led, switch status,LCD and uart interfacing....

Embeded C

Soft decoding and hard decoding with Viterbi

2015-11-11 06:05    By:engrpphil      View:48      Download:2

The performance of soft-decision decoding relative to hard-decision decoding has been studied, when the transmitted symbols are contaminated with AWGN over the channel. the Frame error rates (FER) decreases logarithmically, due to reduced number of frames inerrors, and it is apparent that soft-...

Matlab Matlab

Tank 3D with OpenGL

17 minutes ago    By:prime122      View:221      Download:4

Tank 3D with OpenGL...

Game Visual C++

TPCH Query 1 with Stratosphere

2014-11-20 21:54    By:salvacrow      View:28      Download:0

Implementation of TPCH Query 1 with big data framework Stratosphere...

Algorithm Java


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