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learning 8,051

Example code for the 8051,TI sensor. Primarily uses pressure sensors and function calls, instances of guiding the development process, sharing, facilitate communication and learning....

learning Matlab

Content: -Understand the basic orders of Matlab. -Learn the basics on how to code to get useful information....

learning Vector quantisation

LVQ can be understood as a special case of an artificial neural network, more precisely, it applies a winner-take-all Hebbian learning-based approach. It is a precursor to Self-organizing maps (SOM) and related to Neural gas, and to the k-Nearest Neighbor algorithm...

ensemble learning

Integrated bagging algorithm description:Bagging is a different more weak learning training as a learning method for integrated learning Bagging is a parallel training process , by classification tests samples of sampling with replacement , Gets the classification test samples , subsamples through c...

Deep analysis ATL2

Book mainly describes the ATL technology principles, internal implementation and application of techniques from top 4-top Tip Windows technical experts jointly prepared. Book rich in content, profound in mainly covers ATL's internal structure and implementation, using wizards to simplify...


learning MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  have lots of useful functions for u to use. This system also has a responsive design compatible with mobile devices. The functions of this system are: For the admin side of the system •Add, edit, delete student information •Add, edit, delete teacher...

learning C++ small program

This is the code used when last year I started learning C++, feel good, suits the beginner to look at, very basic, not only to read it, and also knocked on myself towards yourself knocking out all...

Extreme learning machine

Extreme learning machine (extreme learning machine) ELM is an effective and easy to use, single hidden-layer feedforward neural network learning algorithm SLFNs. 2004 proposed by Huang Guangbin, an associate professor at Nanyang Technological University. Traditional neural network learning algorithm...

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