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java Monopoly source code

2014-12-10 14:56    By:chofo24      View:25      Download:0

Este es un juego en el cual tedra horas de diversion con lo cual tambien pordra modificarlo y personalizarlo o en caso de tener errores tambien podra corregirlos y asi mejorar lel rendimiento de dicho programa...

Applet Java

Space-Time codes and MIMO Systems and source code

2015-03-09 09:22    By:cherish888      View:49      Download:2

This folder contains a PDF version of the book, as well as some of the source code from the book. These source code contained in the book's second chapter, chapter chapters fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and Nineth chapter some of the source code. Simulation based on the source co...

Communication Matlab

AMR-nbdecoder source code

2015-02-09 02:29    By:tianxiaokang      View:48      Download:0

AMR-NB decoding source code, can be running VC on a platform, through compilation, good portability, to achieve the desired results...

Audio C

Upload file java Swing source code

2015-03-19 22:48    By:crackxb      View:20      Download:0

package test; import java.awt.FlowLayout; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JFileChooser; import javax.swing.JFrame; public class Win extends JFrame { JButton JB=new JButton ("upload"); public...

GUI Java

java script encode url

2014-12-10 22:50    By:sallysat      View:9      Download:0

here a sample of java script that encode url in box1 to box2 its very simple project to learn javascript enjoy...

Web Framework HTML/CSS

javaWeb Enterprise Portal Web site source code description, download available

2015-03-20 03:39    By:tctttyy      View:39      Download:0

Enterprise Portal meets the enterprise through Web site front display enterprise software products, providing customers with solutions to problems require. Through the establishment of a Web site, better communication between enterprises and customers, enable the enterprise to understand customer ne...

Web Framework Java

java source code of simLSH

2015-03-22 06:16    By:soledad1030      View:9      Download:0

This project aims to deside the similarity of two text instances, and  the examples support Chinese processing....

Algorithm Java

Online Examination System PHP Project source code

2015-03-22 10:58    By:janani      View:756      Download:0

hey guys,here is your source code for online examination test in php...

source code PHP

java operating system curriculum designs

2014-12-22 04:58    By:luckygirl      View:29      Download:0

Academic year courses on operating system design, java source code, I have written. Absolutely easy to use, is for informational purposes only. Contains complete source code under the Eclipse build environment, complete, use comment removed. Can the junior or sophomore courses on operating system de...

Java Development Java

java video communications and voice communications

2015-03-20 06:29    By:心      View:935      Download:3

This is a java source code video communications, voice communications. Jmf-based and very easy to use. If you're really good java source code video communication can not find, you can see, there are a good introduction above....

Java Development Java

Various format image sampling and quantization of source code

2014-12-22 00:04    By:puzc1993      View:8      Download:0

This is a different size format pictures of sampling and quantization java source code, is a digital image processing frequently use to have a graphical interface, you can select the images to be processed after the image processing can be saved. . ....

Java Development Java

JSP bar website source code

2015-03-17 08:34    By:steventone      View:103      Download:0

This is a pub website JSP source code, including uploaded information, news, music, payment, login, to talk, to database access (MySQL), and other functions. By looking at the source code, to grasp the development of JSP technology....

Java Development JSP

Design and implementation of java-based online shopping network

2015-03-19 00:10    By:lnsoftware      View:183      Download:2

This is a shopping system based on java development, you can implement reports available for purchase at the front desk, background on product and order management system...

Java Development Java

java simple student management system

2015-03-26 11:09    By:inxs      View:70      Download:0

Course design of student management system in java, including source code and course design. Find all the Internet, don't steal, don't want me indecent assault, I was unable to. Because of exams coming up, I haven't paid the curriculum design, you're upset is not upset....

Java Development Java

java realization of personal address book

2014-12-14 21:53    By:xuexi      View:21      Download:0

This is a very easy an easy look for a java applet to achieve personal address book, this program is available for those who prefer a graphical interface java hobbies, this program also has a lot of room for amendment, can make good use of your learning, unlike so many others, direct is complete, do...

Java Development Java

Using AJAX, java and JDOM writing Ajax-based page list

2014-12-23 12:22    By:shakawjh      View:42      Download:0

Ajax-based page lists using AJAX, JDOM, and written in java. Resources read news.XML, if you need to change  the news, can be changed in the new.Xml. Reading XML Using JDOM, environment using Eclipse Kepler+ tomcat7, can be imported directly in the Eclipse project. code is...

Java Development Java

Gesture Controlled Mouse javaCV

2015-02-07 12:49    By:hunt3r12      View:28      Download:0

This is a source code for Virtual Gesture Controlled Mouse created original by Manoj M and now i research it. Please use it well. You can use it by using ECLIPSE and create java project> class paste it and run it...

Java Development Java

source code

2013-10-02 05:59    By:ROHIN      View:8      Download:0

source code djbjwqfbwfwjehwehgierjhgijrejgrjgrjgiegiegirhghrgurhuhghrfdhjhjhjrhgjrhgjrgg erjgirjg goegjgjreigjeirjhgehgrhjhjhgjfghj...

Java Development Java

java documentation

2013-12-17 07:34    By:随风飘荡000      View:10      Download:0

Hotel management system software, this software is written in java language, there are source code, databases, tools were developed using Eclipse. Compulsory placement or changes may cause an error, you should have a list control, such as file size, viewing tools, direct view DDS images and text...

Java Development Java
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