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Enterprise communication system based on java source code

2015-10-05 11:26    By:lnsoftware      View:77      Download:1

This is an internal communication system based on java development, you can implement internal communications between staff, including email traffic and SMS traffic...

Java Development JSP

Russia blocks java source code

2015-04-28 01:24    By:用户名字      View:31      Download:0

Author: I Hua University the second computer science now study java, The online research think tank podcast Russia square, combined with network programming, Write an online Russia blocks. Through the socket to send data using c/s mode...

Java Development Java

Astroid game with java & source codes

2015-09-08 07:21    By:fatih44      View:12      Download:0

-Astroid game of java -source code on down -and all the helps of sources...

Java Development Java

QQ2013 chat-like tool for java source code

2015-11-19 09:08    By:dxjsunday      View:214      Download:7

Based on imitation of QQ2013 chat tool for java source code, team development programme, and the open source server and client source code....

chat Java

mir source code

2015-11-21 20:18    By:1725647452      View:272      Download:7

mir source code for new user to study i hope it is can be used to you and all one c++ source code mir source code for new user to study i hope it is can be used to you and all one c++ source code...

Windows C++

GTM900_LPC2104_LWIP1.1_source code

2015-06-09 02:41    By:paopaoyu2014      View:103      Download:0

On another website quoting an article code, although he did not fully understand, but also tell the lwip Protocol children's shoes is a good reference. At the time of check out lwip documentation, enthusiastic people who have found here borrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Embeded C

SINA weibo open platform java source code

2015-09-21 04:05    By:等待花开      View:19      Download:0

Open platform for SINA weibo java source code, OAuth authentication is required, specific uses, please see http://blog.CSDN.NET/u012490740/article/details/12912543...

Other Java

Simulated annealing algorithm for solving TSP problems java source code

2015-11-18 03:54    By:xiangxiang2014      View:64      Download:0

Realization of simulated annealing algorithm in the source of four operators, and respectively insert, swaps, reversing, and mixed to create a new structure in the field, took probability first, nearest the greedy strategy, and can be applied to symmetric and asymmetric TSP problem code is of high q...

Algorithm Java

Farber Solver java source code

2015-10-19 12:23    By:buaa017      View:41      Download:0

Gryphon is a java-based computational fluid dynamics code written to solve the quasi 1-D Euler equations....

Algorithm Java

Jerk off java source code

2015-11-22 07:06    By:jackielih      View:37      Download:0

One jerk to do java games, this is a package of the whole project, there all need. java. class files can be imported directly into running in MyEclipse Thank you very much downloading, don't preach The top one .... HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA...

Algorithm Java


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