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MSc1210 SPI  communications...

CaMShift object tracking Matlab code

It is the improvement of MeanShift algorithm, called a continuous Adaptive MeanShift algorithm, CaMShift algorithm's full name was "Continuously Adaptive Mean-SHIFT", which is the basic idea of all frames of a video image for MeanShift operations and results of the previous frame (the Center and the...

2013-11-26 10:28


MSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.r arMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.rarMSComm.ra...

LMMSE method

LMMSE algorithm for OFDM-based systeMS, through the multipath channel, perfect plot, including the mean square error, bit error rate, suitable for beginners to understand basic OFDM systeMS to stay away from, and LMMSE algorithMS for the basic process...

2013-12-11 20:55


LMSNEW and RLSNEW performance analysis of LMS Adaptive Filter step to 0.075, 500 iterations mean square error curve of step length is 0.075, 500 iterations over the learning curve...

2013-12-22 23:11

CaMShift algorithm details

For caMShift algorithm entry, code comments are quite detailed, help learning the algorithm. For caMShift algorithm entry, code comments are quite detailed, help learning the algorithm. For caMShift algorithm entry, code comments are quite detailed, help learning the algorithm. For caMShift algori...

2014-09-01 23:44

MMSE channel estimation analysis equalizer for ofdm channel capacity analysis

This is really good code for MMSE channel estimation  for ofdm channel capacity analysis  u can enjoy it,this is the better channel estimation technique compared to others...

2014-09-02 22:31
by pra

Excel C++ class

This module is designed for reading and writing Excle file, you can make all kinds of basic operations, such as read, write, save, save as, and so on. Implementation only call c library functions in this module, portability, and can adapt to a variety of circuMStances, is a good tool access excle un...

MSP430G2553 key program

Teach you to use the MSP430 Development Board key function, suitable for beginners. Through the button to switch the LED light and die. The development environment is CCS5....

2014-10-20 10:10
by wxy

Excel general import design source

Sometimes in our data is stored in Excel (especially for users who prefer to use Excel to collect some data), these data and systeMS need to deal with other business, so at this point we need to import the data into the database. But given the variety of styles of Excel and therefore must be written...

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