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codec programme

2014-12-31 23:31    By:RIZZ      View:4      Download:0

codec programme is for coding and decodding  voice  dsk kit.input can be from voice or line in as electrical signal.voice signal is given from microphone to dsk kit through mic in pin.this programme is done on dsk6713 kit but also can be done on other dsk kit.in put signal is coded on kit...


Windows Super audio program

2015-02-12 21:16    By:nickyang      View:68      Download:1

Windows with MFC development of audio programs. Use PCM encoding formats, bits, sampling frequency and other parameters can be adjusted Real-time display of the waveform, and writes WAV and MP3 files. And so on...

Windows C++

audio Adapters Samples

2014-11-19 13:22    By: vineeth      View:8      Download:0

The submitted code provides a functionality of device driver for windows which serves audio adapters drivers which can be directly compiled in Visual studio and install....

Windows C++

Loopback audio Driver

2014-12-17 09:49    By:syamkumar      View:25      Download:0

Loop back audio Driver is a Windows Driver Model Plug and Play virtual audio device driver. It can be used as a fake/virtual sound card in windows os. This project source code uses port classes. we can route the output of a media player like Winamp to wave audio recorder or to internet mus...

Driver Development Visual C++

Online audio player

2015-03-12 03:51    By:Code_loser      View:34      Download:0

Use ffmpeg to do streaming media player can play mms Media streaming, RTSP and other protocols. Developers say: Welcome to download the discussion part of the code can be modified according to need, currently accessible only on the IOS7 in order to play correctly,...

iOS Objective-C

Tp audio treatement and compression

2013-10-31 00:01    By:mmessai      View:8      Download:0

audio traitement of a program in this practical Tp we see how we compress and send the audio information of a signal and specialy an audio signal...

Matlab Matlab

celp codec

2015-01-10 08:14    By:mostafa      View:16      Download:0

The script to run the CELP codecs: 16 kbps CELP & 9.6 kbps CELPclc,clear;Create WAV file in current folder.load handel . mathfile = 'handel . wav';wav write (y, Fs, hfile)clear y Fs;...

Java Development Matlab

1 simple audio editing software

2015-02-12 21:55    By:welen_hello      View:15      Download:1

Waveshop a relatively simple audio editing software, a waveform display, wave-cut, a common sound, more suitable for learning....

Multimedia C++

matlab audio data real-time acquisition and play in time

2015-03-15 22:59    By:yangxp01      View:33      Download:0

matlab audio data real-time acquisition and play tools which realized by C source code, very easy  to use for audio simulation in the matlab. at the same time, the project supply the voice active detection algorithm. please enjoy it....

Matlab Matlab

G726 ADPCM format audio encoding program

2015-03-25 05:36    By:allen360      View:68      Download:1

G726 ADPCM format audio encoder, with source code, as well as the original PCM claim format, can be carried out directly under Linux compiled, the PCM encoded into G726, believe that learning G726 friends will have some help. Thank you....

Linux programming C

audio equalizer

2015-03-23 22:20    By:alonsogazabon      View:37      Download:2

An equalizer is a device that processes audio signals.  Modifies the frequency content of the signal processing. For this, changing the amplitudes of the Fourier coefficients,  which results in different amounts for each frequency. This will independently vary the intensity of th...

Matlab Matlab

CHORUS-function audio chorus

2015-01-11 10:38    By:LiYongGen      View:33      Download:0

audio signal processing, using MATLAB chorus features including LFO (low frequency oscillator) usage, there is an audio file and read and write operations, playback functions....

Algorithm Matlab

Flex recording source to generate wav audio files

2015-02-04 03:18    By:zhanghao88915      View:68      Download:2

A very simple flex recording function, recording is finished, generate wav audio format files...

Web Framework ActionScript
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