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android flame effect

2015-03-18 12:02    By:D.H      View:35      Download:0

Java development micro-android-like flame burning   effect, hope that helps. Entire project package downloads can be directly run. Java development micro-android-like flame burning   effect, hope that helps. Entire project package downloads can be directly run....

Android Java

android source code

2015-02-23 01:51    By:OYK      View:63      Download:0

android source code, one can allow lianliankan games on an android phone, with source code...

Android Java

android version of file manager

2015-01-16 08:48    By:jeckpx      View:44      Download:1

android File Manager version source code sharing, simple, clean and clear interface design, getting cell phone internal and external storage file browsing, and flip animations, smooth back and move on to the next level in the directory, delivery very fast, supports browsing and video playback for a...

Android Java

android4.3 Bluetooth 4.0 demo

2015-03-26 20:11    By:laizhiyong888      View:153      Download:6

android system must be 4.3 per cent, mobile phone Bluetooth 4, the project has been implemented for the Bluetooth device discovery, pairing, connection, characteristic value in the discovery service, disconnect and other functions, refer to the official website address at: http://developer.android.c...

Android Java

android Email Example

2015-02-11 02:47    By:ajay18      View:20      Download:0

android Email example will help you to understand the basic how it works and use the use permission to it in the manifeast.xml and layout changes according to your choice. This tutorial will give basic idea how to create an email in the android app. check the attachment to...

Android Others

android+ weather forecasts plus widget source

2015-03-24 09:52    By:940614030@qq.com      View:41      Download:1

Add android+ weather forecast widget source, add android+ weather forecast widget add add widget source android+ source vandroid+ the weather forecast the weather forecast widget source...

Android Java

android Timer Example

2015-01-27 15:08    By:jwtapia      View:27      Download:0

androidTimer Example is algorithm that create a bucle with a constant period to excecute any proces acording to time....

Android Java

android Bluetooth controlled car

2015-03-13 19:51    By:CJyoyo      View:122      Download:2

IRobot android control, the code is very simple, but did not address the Bluetooth search or something like that, but in the procedure call to find Bluetooth Bluetooth address on. But it is very easy to understand....

Android Java

android high imitation of Sina weibo Tab

2015-02-02 11:16    By:Lichfaker      View:17      Download:1

A simple android Demo, implements the android effect tab at the bottom of client 4.x Sina weibo, and implements the switching, code clarity, comments clearly welcomed the learning exchange...

Android Java

android camaraDemo

2015-03-18 05:19    By:chenxi_92      View:53      Download:2

Code android camera, SDK android4.1 (API 16) developed, achieved under the picture and saved on the SD card function...

android开发 Java

android to scroll to page source

2015-02-27 21:30    By:fener10289      View:26      Download:0

android to scroll to page source code. Implement page gestural motion is smooth, and different ViewFlipper, demonstrating the transitions as you drag....

Android Java

android imitation wechat interface

2015-03-18 07:23    By:pyedog      View:46      Download:0

android imitation wechat interface...

Android Java

android hero video convert source code

12 hours ago    By:dxb2008      View:303      Download:6

Mobile video calling can be achieved using file inside the package, please outline in your code when using, realize the effect of video calling between android phones, within the same local area network, configuring IP,android-end you can open the other cameras to transmit images to the PC side, sim...

Android Java

android property system

2015-02-24 09:09    By:guilh      View:14      Download:0

Each property has a name and value, they are in string format. Properties are used in the android system, used to record the system settings Or exchange of information between processes. Properties are globally visible throughout the system. Each process can get/set properties. During system initi...

Android Word

android get pictures from the Internet and set your desktop background source

2015-03-02 21:59    By:jiajia128      View:28      Download:0

android get pictures from the Internet and set your desktop background source...

Android Java

android picture zoom

2015-03-27 08:30    By:notunder      View:52      Download:0

Multi-touch zoom the picture in imageview...

Android Java

android QR code scanning

2015-03-28 17:30    By:daxiong      View:77      Download:2

This is a in android2.3 and the above system Xia run and development of android II dimension yards scan software, the package inside has needs document, with Javadoc generated of code document, convenient readers read moving code, while inside also has code design of UML design figure, this can put...

Android Java

android PushMessage

2015-03-29 23:55    By:nkyle      View:60      Download:2

This program implements the message push on android . System Develop Environment: win7 32bit+eclipse 4.2 + ADT 22 +JDK 1.7.The program  need the third part library or jars ,which are in the libs folder  .When you build it ,you can get the apk file.Install the apk file ,you can demo it...

Android Java
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