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matlab training programs (from transform)

2015-03-27 04:32    By:njwhat      View:67      Download:1

matlab training program (distance transform) primary function is to extract the skeleton, solution is to mark images for corrosion and erosion to the value of each pixel doesn't change frequently....

Matlab Matlab

matlab training programs (bilateral filtering)

2015-03-22 12:57    By:njwhat      View:119      Download:1

matlab training programs (bilateral filtering) bilateral filter templates for two main template, first is the Gaussian profile, the second is based on gray level difference as generated by the coefficients of the function template. And these two templates dot get the final bilateral filter templates...

Matlab Matlab

matlab training program (PSNR)

2015-03-23 15:51    By:njwhat      View:93      Download:2

matlab training program (PSNR) PSNR peak signal to noise ratio, typically used to evaluate an image and compared to the original image quality after compression is good or bad, of course, poor quality of compressed image must be larger than the original image, so use this index to the required stand...

Matlab Matlab

K-means clustering algorithm (matlab)

2015-03-25 06:07    By:njwhat      View:317      Download:5

Recent study pattern recognition and image processing, collect some matlab source code, share them, and also hope to make friends with common interests. K-means clustering method is divided into the following steps: first, initializing cluster centers 1, depending on the issue, based on experience f...

Matlab Matlab

Calculating the shortest path using matlab programming and site location

2015-03-21 06:20    By:njwhat      View:136      Download:0

Computing shortest paths using matlab programming and site location 1, the shortest path problem in the shortest path between two specified points. For example, given a railway network that connects several towns, between two specified towns in this network, find a shortest railway line. 2, site-a s...

Matlab Matlab

On the optimization problem of shortest path programming matlab

2015-03-16 20:54    By:njwhat      View:88      Download:2

Topic is the optimization of municipal domestic waste collection and transportation routes, the problem is: there are number of different load of garbage trucks set out from the station experienced 32 garbage collection garbage and then returned to the station. Waste matrix of distances between poin...

Matlab Matlab

[Tutorial] the "original" Piecewise functions related to operation in matlab

2015-03-13 22:53    By:njwhat      View:63      Download:0

In my line of work and learning often require the use of Piecewise functions (piecewise function) calculations, but it is a pity that does not provide direct calculation of Piecewise functions functions in matlab...

Matlab Matlab

[Source code] n-order square matrix crout (crout) decomposition of matlab implementation

2015-02-17 03:46    By:njwhat      View:45      Download:0

Matrix analysis of lessons learned on triangular decomposition of n-order square matrix or Kraut (crout) decomposition, he tried to use matlab programming....

Matlab Matlab

In matlab language construct Bayesian classifier

2015-03-26 22:09    By:莲叶tiantian      View:110      Download:1

Using matlab language construct Bayesian classifier, Bayesian classifier is indeed under conditions of complete knowledge of statistics with a pattern, according to the Bayesian theory strategy designed an optimal classifier. Classifier for each input pattern is assigned a category name software or...

Matlab Matlab

Learning matlab

2015-03-21 21:50    By:guilintx1      View:60      Download:0

Content: -Understand the basic orders of matlab. -Learn the basics on how to code to get useful information....

Matlab Matlab

Hide Image By matlab

2015-03-26 08:00    By:HamzaAnwer      View:66      Download:0

Search: Create Account Log In File Exchange Answers Newsgroup Link Exchange Blogs Trendy Cody Contest MathWorks.com Download SubmissionCode covered by the BSD License  Highlights from Hide Images In Imageextract_image(source_image) Extract Image : Extract the image(s) hidden inside the embedd...

Matlab image Proccessing Matlab

WSN power program (matlab)

2015-03-17 14:11    By:an_qinli      View:124      Download:5

About WSN, matlab process energy consumption of packet forwarding using graph theory, WSN, use map on the energy consumption in packet forwarding matlab procedure, WSN, use map on the energy consumption in packet forwarding matlab procedure, WSN, use map on the energy consumption in packet forwardin...

Matlab Matlab

Basis and application of matlab

2015-03-06 10:19    By:njwhat      View:54      Download:0

The basis and application of matlab introduces matlab fundamentals and applications, includes functions of matlab matlab computation, computation and graphing, calculus with matlab solution differential equation (s), matlab realization of matrix operation, use MATIAB to solve linear equations, solvi...

Matlab Matlab

Recognize toolbox matlab

2015-03-15 18:31    By:yanuar_wi      View:68      Download:0

http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/29800-scenesobjects-classification-toolbox Scenes/Objects Rocognition toolbox v0.12 --------------------------------------- This toolbox provides some basic tools for scenes/object recognition in vision systems. Based on supervis...

Matlab Matlab

Gonzalez, image processing matlab programs

2015-03-12 02:59    By:dsandxxl      View:126      Download:0

Procedure code description P0201:matlab assigned For loops P0202:matlab For loops and if conditions in the P0203:matlab P0205:matlab basics of image processing P0206:matlab advanced image processing operations P0207: based on RGB image creates a grayscale image P02...

Matlab Others

matlab and Wavelet transform denoising

2015-03-24 06:35    By:lcy066      View:111      Download:1

Wavelet transform and to noise matlab code, learning matlab Wavelet Toolbox of good information, wave transform, and discrete Wavelet transform, and more resolution analysis and orthogonal Wavelet transform, and Wavelet transform and more sampling filter group, and Wavelet transform and image proces...

Matlab Matlab

Creating 2D And 3d ploting App with Graphical User Interfaces in matlab.

2015-03-27 22:42    By:utkarsh      View:431      Download:1

Creating 2D And 3d ploting App with Graphical User Interfaces in matlab. GUIs (also known as graphical user interfaces or UIs) provide point-and-click control of software applications, eliminating the need to learn a language or type commands in order to run the application. MATL...

Matlab Matlab

matlab language

2014-12-03 04:28    By:njwhat      View:25      Download:0

The matlab simulation and control system practices (2nd Edition) can be used as automatic control of teaching reference books, and other related professional field engineers, technicians and researchers can also be used as reference material. matlab language described in the book is more comprehensi...

Matlab Matlab

The matlab programming skills and its application: analysis of 25 cases of source program

2015-01-21 07:44    By:njwhat      View:35      Download:0

Content includes: matlab Quick Start, the idea of vectors (vectors) programming, matlab processing huge amounts of data, an anonymous function type description, nested function type introduction, integration and integral equations to solve the case, optimization and nonlinear equation (s) to solve t...

Matlab Matlab

matlab GUI Super comprehensive digital image processing demo

2015-03-16 08:08    By:qiupingzhao      View:91      Download:0

matlab,GUI, digital image processing, a comprehensive demonstration program. Remember to change the matlab path, you can use!!!!!!!!!!!...

Matlab Matlab
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