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opencv study notes (Chinese)

opencv study notes (English) learning opencv for some time, their notes under the upload, others...

opencv median filtering

opencv based on median filtering method, median filter was proposed in 1971 by Tukey, which is a non-linear filtering techniques and typical. Under certain conditions it can be overcome, such as mean filter, image detail minimum mean square filtering produced is not clear, for the elimination of sal...

opencv turn on camera

opencv2.4.9+VS2010 open camera, and displayed camera took to of image, and will get of image edge of, conversion for black and white image, only displayed objects edge features, also can only displayed gray figure, as long as put I comments off of open to on can has, using vs open, configuration goo...

opencv webcam video capture test

Camera video acquisition and testing programs written using opencv, from the camera to capture images or video. Further collection edited by opecnv....

opencv show image

Why using opencv version 2.4.9 In Visual Stdio 2013 C++ compile Icelin show image program...

opencv gesture recognition

With opencv wrote of gestures recognition code, heard recognition rate also good, certainly have with according to himself of environment adjustable about threshold value what of. method with most of almost, is first filtering a again, again from RGB turned to HSV space, set threshold value, again I...

opencv reads two cameras

opencv based on the dual cameras synchronization of image acquisition for the console, you can Board for camera calibration for image acquisition. You can run, you need according to your own modified version of opencv compiled libraries...

opencv haar classifier with the video face detection

This program is run under VS2010 + opencv2.44 environment, dynamically detects the faces in the video, the principle is the combination of adaboost haar feature based algorithm using images generated ideological face classifier (this can also generate their own training out of the .xml file sorter),...

opencv reads and displays images

Use opencv read and display an image. As an example, this sample using opencv 2.0 interface and functions using the Mat (2.0 newly added structure), call imread, imshow, waitKey and other functions are used to draw the image....

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