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Latent Dirichlet distribution topics Model LDA

2015-03-30 09:23    By:yangling869      View:56      Download:0

LDA is a document theme generation Model, also known as a three-layer Bayesian probability Model for three-layer structure, themes, and document that contains the word. Document to the topic subject to Dirichlet distributions, subject to terms to be polynomial distributed. LDA is an unsupervis...

Linux programming C++


2015-02-15 02:37    By:zenmebancaihao      View:22      Download:0

Modeling and simulation of 500kv power system.The theoretical ground and design realization of alternating current power lines of the new type - Controllable Flexible A.C. Transmission Systems (CFACTS) are considered. Earlier lines of such type had been known as Controlled Self - Compensating High...

Matlab Matlab

heffron phillips Model

2014-12-22 02:38    By:hkhjh      View:31      Download:0

For studying the damping effect of power system controllers, such as PSS and FACTS stabilizers, Phillips-Heffron Model has been used extensively and many analytical conclusions and design methods have been developed on the basis of Phillips-Heffron Model.Now in this project this Model is programmed...

Matlab C

cognitive radio system using spectrum duration sensing for power allocation

2015-03-24 07:12    By:kumares      View:127      Download:7

power allocation for cognitive radio network and its measured capacity active primary and secondary user energy conservation and also collision detection....

Communication Matlab

Variational Mode decomposition

2015-03-31 09:12    By:如愿梦阮      View:18      Download:0

The Model looks for an ensemble of Modes and their respective center frequencies, such that the Modes collectively reproduce the input signal, while each being smooth after demodulation into baseband. In Fourier domain, this corresponds to a narrow-band prior. We show important relations...

Matlab Matlab

DHM Model for serial robot

2015-03-25 23:33    By:bettahar87      View:8      Download:0

this program calculate the the direct and th e inverse  geometric Mode ,direct and inverse kinematic Model,direct and inverse dynamic Model...

Matlab Matlab

Ni-MH Battery Model

2014-12-12 05:48    By:IMANE      View:11      Download:1

Demonstration of the battery Model during charge and discharge process. The demo Models a 200 V, 6.5 Ah Ni-MH battery. Circuit Description: This circuit uses the Battery block of Electricdrivelib™ library. It Models a 200 V, 6.5 Ah Ni-MH battery connected to a constant load of 50 Amps. The DC ma...

Matlab Matlab

Robot Modeling toolkit in Matlab instructions.

2015-01-14 08:24    By:yundan      View:36      Download:0

Robot Modeling toolkit in Matlab instructions. Please get the latest version from the author's webpage at http://petercorke.com/RTB/...

software engineering Matlab

power control algorithm

2015-03-23 23:09    By:wcxasd      View:39      Download:2

power control algorithms written in MATLAB, algorithms in the adhoc network, contains a variety of optimization, will be helpful for beginners...

Matlab Matlab

Optimal Reactive power Dispatch (ORPD) Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)”

44 minutes ago    By:hish      View:988      Download:0

the optimal reactive power dispatch problem using Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for IEEE 30 bus test system. by using MATpower[1] software, version 3.2 for executing load flow analysis for each particle. As MATpower is a system requirement, users are kindly requested to download it from i...

Matlab Matlab

Automatic power Controller

2015-01-09 10:18    By:Murad      View:9      Download:0

The circuit presented here is a micro controller-based automatic room light controller. The micro controller along with op-amp LM324 is wired with two IR sensor units to count the number of persons going inside the room and the number of persons coming out. When the number of persons inside the room...

Embeded C

Quantitative strategy development Modeling LIB library

2015-02-21 23:58    By:forwebtestmail      View:25      Download:1

QUANLIB is a software developed for the quantitative study on the financial framework, by LIB library easy to establish trading Model, strategy development, risk management and so on; Software itself depends on BOOST; A more detailed description please refer to English profile The...

量化建模 C++

Texture-based background Modeling

2015-03-19 03:29    By:wendale      View:63      Download:3

This source code is based on the paper "A texture-based method for Modeling the background and detecting moving objects", this method is based on the Modeling method of each pixel in the image, method for texture feature extraction for LBP histogram, each pixel's background includes k (usually 3 or...

Image Processing C++

OpenGL under Linux loaded. Model ms3d

2015-01-18 00:33    By:jingtang      View:32      Download:1

The source code is under Linux used OpenGL library to realize. Model ms3d file formats loaded, including texture mapping....

linux,OpenGL C++

LBF Model

2014-12-29 23:20    By:a2368699078      View:31      Download:0

LBF Model is based on a well-known active contour Model region. And PC (Piecewise Constant) Models, this Model introduces a local binary Gaussian kernel function fitting (Local Binary Fitting, LBF) energy. Because energy can obtain local information LBF images...

Matlab Matlab

Zeoppritz equation forward Modeling

2015-01-15 04:58    By:sunyanmin      View:30      Download:0

Reflection coefficient obtained by the zeoppritz equation, synthetic seismogram. 1D Zoeppritz forward Modeling, AVO analysis, can also AVA ......

Algorithm Matlab
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