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Gabor feature extraction

Gabor feature extraction for a program, based on OpenCV provides libraries to achieve, you can make the image texture feature extraction, is a very good development libraries...

oracle SQL Runner

oracle utility for: 1. Run SQL queries with different sets of parameters 2. Export result to xls and sending by mail 3. Sending notification by SMS depending on: Odac, DevExpres...

or=red>vb2008 from entry to the master

or=red>vb2008 from entry to the master code examples, Tsinghua University Press, famous writer of computer books meticulously edited to meet the latest tools a comprehensive upgrade, a lot of examples of chongyang code...

or=red>vb student information management system complete

Directory Summary 1 ABSTRACT 2 Preface 1 System overview in Chapter 2 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 program objectives and significance of 2 1.3 main design features 3 Chapter II development option 4 2.1 choice of development tool 4 2.2 introduction to the VISUAL BASIC programming environment und...


ColorStatistics can count the number of colors in the image, and the percentage, for image analysis makes sense. And the speed is very fast, more than 700 images of a few more milliseconds....

Apriori algorithm implementation in C++

A C++ implementation of Apriori algorithm.  It can handle large volume of data.  The program can be used for data mining....

Fortran solving matrix linear equations, there are examples that can be run directly

Fortran solving matrix linear equations, there are examples that can be run directly  / 'PS: This software can calculate both linear equations Ax = b, you can calculate the matrix equation AX = B')    Purpose: elimination method for solving the matrix equation  !&nbs...

CHorUS-function audio chorus

Audio signal processing, using MATLAB chorus features including LFO (low frequency oscillator) usage, there is an audio file and read and write operations, playback functions....

or=red>vb class scheduling system

To write a practical course scheduling system, the most important to solve two problems. The first is to avoid conflict courses, complete all the curriculum. This problem can be achieved through well-designed course scheduling algorithms. The second problem is choreographed curriculum should be reas...

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