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or=red> Web Number Extractor

2015-03-23 04:47    By:shehryarmemon      View:30      Download:0

Easy to use Web Data Extractor In or=red>vb.Net.That Can Easily Grab Cell Number From Will Be Useful for those who are interested in making Web Data Extractor.Used Some Third Part Libraries But They Are Open Source.Program Has To Extract Links From Web Page Then It Can Start Extracting Number...

Windows VB

QT5_Qor=red>serialport_ cross-platform serial procedures

2015-06-24 02:51    By:fxlsunny      View:26      Download:1


Embeded C++

or=red>vb access to external network IP

2013-10-31 00:01    By:gudangg3      View:13      Download:0

' Get the external network IP source Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim h As Object Dim i As Integer Dim s As String Set h = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") GetInternetIP = False g_strInternetServerIP = "" h.Open "GET", "", True 'False h.Send If (h.ReadyState = 4) And (...

Other VB

or=red>vb to enumerate serial ports and camera

2015-09-27 06:01    By:xppyyy      View:46      Download:0

or=red>vb serial automatically enumerate Windows system, and join the camera head image capture program source code, and coordinate system transformations and so on, to be a current position information can be displayed DD, source code testing as shown on the screenshot, VisualBasic6.0 prepared by the sour...

video VB

MIMO or=red>vbLAST or=red>Detection

2015-09-22 19:07    By:guo759281      View:41      Download:2

This program is for V-BLAST system of or=red>Detection algorithm of vehicle may be using BPSK,QPSK,16QAM,64QAM modulation. or=red>Detection algorithm for ML,MMSE,ZF, as well as the use of zero-forcing successive interference cancellation or=red>Detection algorithm....

Matlab Matlab


2015-11-16 21:47    By:jole12      View:49      Download:0

or=red>vbulletin4.0.2_cn or=red>vbulletin is a powerful forum system, combined with or=red>vbSEO commercial plugins, website featuring ranking is very powerful, the structure is particularly clear, and or=red>vbB has now...

Web Framework PHP

or=red>vb student information management system complete

2015-11-21 17:00    By:fanmingsuo      View:217      Download:1

Directory Summary 1 ABSTRACT 2 Preface 1 System overview in Chapter 2 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 program objectives and significance of 2 1.3 main design features 3 Chapter II development option 4 2.1 choice of development tool 4 2.2 introduction to the VISUAL BASIC programming environment und...


PID control of or=red>vb program

2015-09-23 23:40    By:Ted      View:36      Download:1

PID algorithm is simple and practical procedure, has a graphical interface, simple and practical ~ Visual Basic is a 微软 Includes assisting the development of the company The development environment 的 Event-driven Programming language 。 By any standard, or=red>vb is a language with the greates...

Algorithm VB

MD5or=red>vbMD5 code generation program

2015-08-25 08:43    By:zzc4587      View:15      Download:0

or=red>vb write about MD5 code generation program, mainly for the MD5 code generation. There is nothing wrong has been tested and working properly. You can generate short and long MD5 MD5 both codes....

Algorithm VB

or=red>DetectLines algorithm

2015-09-27 14:39    By:ifengpizza      View:49      Download:0

This or=red>Detectlines algorithm has been validated usable,  can be used in image processing, particularly in the correction of image operations, works very well...

Algorithm Matlab


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