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oracle SQL Runner

2015-01-15 09:41    By:MOHAPX      View:18      Download:0

oracle utility for: 1. Run SQL queries with different sets of parameters 2. Export result to xls and sending by mail 3. Sending notification by SMS depending on: Odac, DevExpres...

Export SQL queries Delphi

Sor iterative method for solving linear equations (c language)

2015-01-13 01:09    By:zjcscut      View:66      Download:0

Most existing iteration is not for all types of linear equations have convergence in the solution of the original equation is  the matrix transform, which could make conditions worse, Could also undermine the equivalence of equations before and  after transformations, as w...

Algorithm C


2015-03-04 11:53    By:saeed      View:83      Download:0

*   *   To approximate I = integral ( ( f(x) dx ) ) from a to b:*   *   INPUT:   endpoints a, b; integer n.**   OUTPUT:  an array R. ( R(2,n) is the approximation to I. )**   R is computed by rows; only 2 rows saved in storage   ...

Algorithm C++

Apriori data mining algorithm source code

2015-02-14 17:06    By:Crazysimon      View:56      Download:0

Apriori algorithm is one of the most influential mining Boolean Association Rules algorithm of frequent itemsets. At its core is a recursive algorithm based on two-stage sets. The Association rules classification belonging to a single dimension, single, Boolean Association rules. Here, all the suppo...

Algorithm Java


2014-12-22 06:59    By:liuzhonghuacd      View:18      Download:0

ColorStatistics can count the number of colors in the image, and the percentage, for image analysis makes sense. And the speed is very fast, more than 700 images of a few more milliseconds....

Algorithm C#

LU decomposition to solve equation-Fortran

2015-02-02 08:02    By:shangshan      View:92      Download:1

Using the LU decomposition method for calculating solution of linear equations and Fortran programs!...

Algorithm Fortran


2015-02-14 04:34    By:Sandy      View:66      Download:0



Apriori algorithm implementation in C++

2015-03-04 07:48    By:mksaikat123      View:159      Download:0

A C++ implementation of Apriori algorithm.  It can handle large volume of data.  The program can be used for data mining....

Algorithm C++

Apriori algorithm

2015-03-04 07:52    By:alagu      View:88      Download:2

This program is developed in java application. Apriori algorithm is used to find out frequent item-set and support and minimum confidence  ...

Algorithm Java

CHorUS-function audio chorus

2015-01-11 10:38    By:LiYongGen      View:33      Download:0

Audio signal processing, using MATLAB chorus features including LFO (low frequency oscillator) usage, there is an audio file and read and write operations, playback functions....

Algorithm Matlab

Gabor feature extraction

2015-02-01 23:30    By:babyron      View:52      Download:2

Gabor feature extraction for a program, based on OpenCV provides libraries to achieve, you can make the image texture feature extraction, is a very good development libraries...

Algorithm C++


2014-12-19 05:40    By:zhuyuyao      View:50      Download:0

Annex the or1200 is an open source soft core, basic level is equivalent to an ARM7. or1200 core open source toolchain improved. Specific introduction introduction you can look on the OpenRISC. Of the relevant information is contained in the annex according to Ren Huailu blog, code integrated finishi...

or1200 VHDL

or=red>vb realize treap tree program with visual interface

2014-12-14 07:46    By:powerYin      View:19      Download:0

BST tree is a binary search tree, but if multiple insertions, BST tree will be unbalanced or degenerate into a  chain. So on the basis of BST tree and attached a heap of nature, the program uses the principle of minimum  heap. Program code using or=red>vb6.0 write, since or=red>vb is not a p...

Algorithm VB

or=red>vb Key Generator

2014-11-19 06:31    By:Kimkim      View:11      Download:0

This is a simple key generator application that can be used to generate a key for your application. It uses the name of the organization to generate the key....

Algorithm VB

WIImote Head Tracking in or=red>vb6

2015-02-28 19:48    By:ratheons      View:27      Download:0

or=red>vb6 code to:- light the four DELs of the WIImote.-Read the X,Y coords of 4 IR's.-See the IR's in a PictureBox as crosses of different size depend on distance.Have fun. Sorry for the bad English of a French guy;o)...

Algorithm VB

Newton iterative method of numerical solution of or=red>vb program

2014-12-01 09:28    By:fupan2011601      View:19      Download:0

This is an analog of Newton's iteration method in the algorithm of or=red>vb language program, through different iterative procedures to reflect the number of iterations to optimize calculation, inside the procedure has two different functions to distinguish between them....

Algorithm VB

Two dimensional heat conduction or=red>vb prepared

2015-01-26 07:12    By:god634562031      View:50      Download:0

or=red>vb prepared two dimensional heat conduction, two-dimensional conduction process are given in detail and equations of lines of code...


socilal networiking

2014-11-19 20:18    By:abc      View:22      Download:0

it is a social networking site like fb . or=red>vbhjnbvhjbjhjbbkjmn mnlk hjgbjkhbkj ,kml,kml ,';,';...

Web Framework PHP

PHP the rental form

2014-12-16 04:22    By:jason wei      View:11      Download:0

<! DOCTYPE html> <!-- we need this tags to make sure our video can be display in our webpage--> <html> <head> <title> This is the first HTML program</title> <!-- this element will appear as a title at your webpage title bar--> </head> <bo...

Web Framework PHP
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