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Ray-tracing algorithm model

Explored in the MATLAB environment and implementation of shortest path ray tracing method in step, numerical simulation shows the programming and application of ray-tracing calculation, Shortest path algorithm based on the Fermat principle and theory of the shortest path in graph theory. The...

Collision detection source code

High-precision collision detection code in great detail, accurate to the triangles, edges, Points, optimized sliding collision detection, there is no vibration phenomena. Into triangular elements, such as classes in your code calculated method of great reference value. Code includes 3D vector calcul...

Optical flow method of moving target detection developed

OpenCV background difference, optical flow, 1. the first is that assumptions: (1) brightness is constant, is the same Point as the time changes, its brightness does not change . This is a basic optical flow field assumption (all optical flow variants must satisfy) used to get light flow basic...

An optimization algorithm

Optimization of the compressed package containing the most commonly used source, is implemented using C++, including the DFP, simplex, Conjugate gradient method and Interior Point methods, external Point method, internal and external Point method, these algorithms are implemented in a program,...

Tumor detection master in medical image

In medical imaging, tumor detection is one of the major challenges. Here I present a new algorithm for tumor detection in medical imaging....

SM2 algorithm description

The definition of elliptic curve:An elliptic curves in the projective plane satisfies the equationY2Z+a1XYZ+a3YZ2=X3+a2X2Z+a4XZ2+a6Z3 curve. A process of using elliptic-curve encryption communication:1, user a selects an elliptic curves Ep (a, b), and elliptic curve Point, Point g.2 k, user a choice...

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