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Qvod open source code

Qvod open source code,Include windows interface, c ++ programming language that supports peer download, p2p protocol support, upload a compressed package, unzip can see the source code, welcomed the exchange of learning, thanks to download...

Simple chat program using CAsyncSocket / C++, MFC / TCP/IP

VC++ version of chat, including Server + client source code, peer to peer chat program, operation starts after the server default port 0, after client startup set the appropriate parameters....


Changes: 1. IP ToS support (L7 HTTP QoS) was added. 2. Internal 32-bit limitations were eliminated for file size and time counter. 3. UID/GID and PID provisions were added for daemon operation. 4. A limiter was added for simultaneous connections. 5. A new error/warning syste...

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