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Android property system

Each property has a name and value, they are in string format. Properties are used in the Android system, used to record the system settings Or exchange of information between processes. Properties are globally visible throughout the system. Each process can get/set properties. During system initi...

Android, WIFI, GPS positioning based on base station collection source

Collection Android, WIFI, GPS positioning of base stations Combines GPS, WiFi, base station location. GPS positioning GpsTask first class returns asynchronously GPS latitude and longitude information...

Android Bluetooth controlled car

IRobot Android control, the code is very simple, but did not address the Bluetooth search or something like that, but in the procedure call to find Bluetooth Bluetooth address on. But it is very easy to understand....

Android+ weather forecasts plus widget source

Add Android+ weather forecast widget source, add Android+ weather forecast widget add add widget source Android+ source vAndroid+ the weather forecast the weather forecast widget source...

Android Note

Android code for note, Android view.Text. Android code for note, Android view.Text. Android code for note, Android view.Text. Android code for note, Android view.Text. Android code for note, Android view.Text. Android code for note, Android view.Text. Android code for n...

Android falls results achieved

Android version of the waterfall flow case, adopt the AddView method to implement, achieve simpler, less code, easy to understand, does not involve some complex View showing the AdapterView method...

Android code complete

Android code complete. contains system service, database, command, control, command the screen, commonly used dialog box code (such as a prompt dialog box, process, process of dialog boxes, dialog boxes, date pickers, dialogs, and so on). Very, very useful!...

Android ordering system

Android ordering system, very easy to use, good for code porting or to self study, very good code for every one. Welcome to download and share. Thanks for supporting....

Android video calls with PC source code

This source code implements the video calls effect between Android and PC. In the same LAN, after configuring the IP, Android can turn on the camera and take pictures, then transmit pictures to PC end. It can also perform simple Android video surveillance. ...

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