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Blowfish integrity algorithm source code and call methods...


Blowfish encryption algorithm. Packaging process in accordance with the standard form of the API...

VB6 integrated environment that plug

VB6 integrated environment that plug-in mouse wheel. Use VB6 open, it will be compiled to C : Program Files Microsoft Visual Studio Common MSDev98 AddIns directory in VB6 Add-In Manager activated inside "MouseWheel Fix" plug-ins. The VB6 you can use the mouse wheel banging the source...

VB6 increase sqlservr2000 cases more detailed tutorial on how to operate a datab...

VB6 increase sqlservr2000 cases more detailed tutorial on how to operate a database of more cases of eye-catcher...

ebilling software in VB6 with ms access

This project is made for one of the big decorator services in Mumbai,they supply decorating item to film industry for movie shooting. Presently theyissue their client handwritten invoice and they enter details in manualregister. And maintain MS Excel file for product rate. They wantcomputerization o...

Create Transparent Form - VB6

Make your form different. You can make your form transparent and put some controls there, so user will only see the controls... floating in their desktop. You can use this for splash screen, etc...It is all programming, so you don't need to load any additional extensions/OCX. Play with it and g...

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