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WinCE in VS2005 environment OpenGL ES tutorials

2015-09-30 04:42    By:tysym501      View:82      Download:1

This tutorial is my favorite, and HTML formats. Describes the use of OpenGL ES based on VS2005,WinCE. There are many examples, but, no full source code. As WinCE openGL tutorials, classic....

Embeded Visual C++

HID Client(VS2005, VS2010)

2015-09-22 10:58    By:xlxie020142      View:60      Download:0

Stm32f4 as PC, PC HID communications program source code. Included with VS2005 Project 2010 files. USB communication is learning good routines. And the lower position machine can achieve control of the LED lights on the PC Board....

Driver Development C++

CXimage7.02 by VS2005 to verify the available

2015-04-27 09:04    By:jxaucm      View:29      Download:0

Cximage bad compilation, this is my latest version 7.02 after verification is available Simple use of CxImage class under the brief, I hope to come into contact with CxImage friends some help, I use the tools is VS2005 After opening the CxImage works these works can be seen in the follow...

Image Processing C++

Essential PHP.Security.Oct.2005

2014-12-02 07:32    By:MNMN      View:23      Download:0

O'Reilly - Essential PHP.Security.Oct.2005...

document PHP

VS2005 c#+OpenGL draws a cube, cone, sphere, and three-dimensional entity to carry out the translation, rotation, scaling, models can be entered in the control side of the longest RADIUS or change the model's size. rar

2015-11-12 01:45    By:saibeicangying      View:1749      Download:5

VS2005 c#+OpenGL draws a cube, cone, sphere, and three-dimensional entity can translate, rotate, scale, can be entered in the control model of side length or RADIUS change model size. rar...

OpenGL C++

Multithreaded access to the MySQL database source code

2015-02-01 22:12    By:aryu      View:42      Download:4

This is divided into 3 main parts:1.DBSqlMan is a multi-threaded access MySQL dynamic library2.MySQL5, open source under Windows using mysql2 development library, MySQL's official website you can download3.testDb, a simple example of application DBSqlManThe entire project has been running in VS2005...

DataBase C++


2015-10-25 16:06    By:blindboof      View:95      Download:1

NumericalMethods in Engineering withMATLAB  R is a text for engineering students and a reference for practicing engineers, especially those who wish to explore the power and efficiency of MATLAB. The choice of numerical methods was based on their relevance to engineering problems.Ever...

Matlab Matlab


2015-11-06 09:32    By:xqw      View:59      Download:1

通过vc2005编写的3D重建程序实现CT数据的三维重建Written by vc2005 3D reconstruction process, to achieve three-dimensional reconstruction of CT data...

Image Processing C++

The SDL library can configure VS2005

2014-11-28 00:43    By:starx      View:7      Download:0

SDL complete library, can develop games with c, such as Snake.* Game production idea:  * By a two-dimensional array to describe the picture,  * -2 Representative wall, 0 blank, 0 or more representatives of the snake  * Cases with 1,2,3,4, said snake (4 snakeheads)  * When it move...

CSharp C


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