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Tcl script to generate graph taking two parameter Files as input .

X, Y coordinates points for the graph is generated randomly and put it in a trace File. The trace File is given as input File to xgraph to plot the graph. Here two trace Files are plotted in the single graph. Point of each trace File will be differentiated in color....

Dos version of merge File split

This program can be File-split merge, File in any format can be split into a set of size and arbitrary format Files can be merged into the original document. Segmentation procedures, written after the address for segmentation and segmentation documents store addresses and File split size, segmentat...

stm32f103ve_V3.5_File system_ffs9 source code_mdk

A ff9 File system transplant to stm32f103 with V3.5  firmware library source code. THe project is built in MDK....

StL Data File Viewer

StereoLithography(StL) is something that is widely used in CAD/CAM, RapidPrototyping etc. The concept is that any surface or solid is exported to StL format by data exchange packages after they are modeled in commercial CAD packages. This data consists of triangulated facets that approximate the sur...

LAS File read of Laser Radar

Laser radar reading LAS Files , can implement reading LAS1.0 life,  getting ready for the next step further processing point clouds...


Supercopier 3 is like the normal version. It's just here to support the development of this software. Try before if the free version is good for you before buy. No money back.Supercopier in all version is shipped without warranty (0% of warranty). Only the stable version hav...

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