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with vc + + MFC clock

#include "stdafx.h"#include"windows.h"#include "clock.h"#include "clockDlg.h"#include"math.h"#ifdef _DEBUG#define new DEBUG_NEW#undef THIS_FILEstatic char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;#endif//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////...

89c51 1602 lcd clock

4 * 4 matrix keyboard , which is used to change the time of the clock.  1602LCD, which is used to display the time in a format of hour-minute-second/years-month-day. All of the components is controlled by the MCU of 89C 51. This project is simulated on the tools of p...

with vc + + and OpenGL 3 d terrain real-time dynamic display

with vc + + and OpenGL 3 d terrain real-time dynamic display。Can undertake some OPengl related study, it will be very helpful for beginners...

with an array of n factorial

MATLAB algorithm based on LSB, can run,...

with this file you are able to acquire memory bandwidth for any device

 This program measures memory transfer rates in MB/s for simple          computational kernels coded in C.                                     ...

Bandwith IEEE Networks

Today enterprises globally are looking for service providers who can bring value to the relationship in terms of innovation, creativity, committed to deliver quality within schedules, budget and having business models supporting the fast change in global economic scenarios. To achieve this, the...

without leaving any traces MATLAB simulation of Kalman filter in target tracking program

This program is mainly based on without a trace of maneuvering target tracking based on Kalman filtering programs, the program easy to learn in this area has helped the people's Congress....

with HLSL and DirectX 9.0c language model implements two different light sources

Frank d. Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c----a Shader Approach the 10th chapter of exercise 4 answer. You can switch by pressing the number keys 0, 1, to indicate different lighting. Two light source rotates around the Earth....

with the Java language implementation of FTP server-side programs

Written using Java ftp Upload, download files, programs, based on client/server architecture for simple upload and download FTP server, encapsulate ftp Operation class, including through ftp Agreements on file read, write, and so on, and easy to learn....

with the DCT and wavelet transform

with the DCT and wavelet transform panchromatic and multispectral image optical image fusion, to generate the same image 49769300TCPxiaobo (1)...

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