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Java Web Crawler program

Java Web Crawler program, very powerful features, pages crawled, either manually or automatically to achieve the Web content crawling...

Java small alarm clock

Java small alarm clock, you can set the time Bell.                              ...

Java_ achievement management system

The performance management system developed using Java language and content contained within the database, stored and read from the database. And document specific instructions, and the screenshot shows, as well as the database created on the local computer...

Java FTP uploading and downloading programs

Java FTP uploading and downloading features of program code    .                     ...

Java game mine

Using the Java language Minesweeper game procedures, the rookie level, please exhibitions, this program is modeled on windows Minesweeper game interface written into easy, medium, hard, three-level, as long as the practice gui interface design, runtime just click Jmin.exe, the program can also be ru...

Java Microphone Example

Shows how to access microphone in Java.The Class is implemented as Runnable, so in order to run it:1. you can either implement Thread and call startOR2. you can directly call, which will block until stop flag has been raised....

Java small project: add accounts

When just learning Java, teacher lab, no difficulty, is to become familiar with types of uses, it is very simple to add accounts, delete accounts, modify the balance, novice to get started learning to use classes....

Java Uighur stop word filter

Using Java language Uighur stop word filtering, tingyongci.txt is disabled vocabularies, 123.txt source file,  1.txt file stop words filtered. Experiments show that the results are correct....

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