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串口之间通信的源代码。 使用C++开发,对初学者有空。...
  Communication        C++     

Python framework for distributed computing

Dispy Python distributed computing framework, operation is very simple. Server-side: Dispynode is a server-side component, it does not need to write code, just use parameters to run as a daemon, OK, such as: For this example using 2 CPU core binding
  Cloud Computing        Python     

VB6 used to achieve practical multithreading serial communication

Using Visual Basic 6 to achieve really useful thread serial communication In fact using Visual Basic ActiveX Exe technologies can be easily implemented multithreading, this technique is very useful in serial communications, particularly for the communications, data processing, if you use the tim...
  Communication        VB     

TCP/IP Serial communication

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol): It is a communication protocol used by many networks for communication. I/P Address: Each machine in the internet/intranet world has been given an unique number in the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, where xxx can be a integer ranging from 0 to...
  Communication        C#     

Window of Qt programming realization of multi-thread serial communication

Windows system, Qt creator2.4.1 is based on Qt4.7.4 (32bit), to use multithreading serial communication, it compiles successfully, note that after downloading, you want to choose your download folder last night's build path under path, or debugging could not be modified. There is this path cannot ha...
  Communication        C     

Socket communications protocols

Socket communication theory is relatively simple, it is broadly divided into the following steps. Follow these steps on the server side. ( 1 ) Established a server-side Socket , Starts listening for connection requests across the network....
  Communication        C#     

Two computers simple communications

Very simple source code, simple communication of two computers via C++, hope to be helpful,#include<winsock2.h> #include <stdio.h> #pragma comment(lib,"ws2_32.lib") void main() { WORD wVersionRequested; WSADATA wsaData; int err; WVersionRequested=MAKEWORD (1, 1);//request 1.1...
  Communication        C++     

Planet computer Graphics Open GL

Has different objects, perspectives, rotation, revolution When the human eye looks at a scene, objects in the distance appear smaller than objects close by. Orthographic projection ignores this effect to allow the creation of to-scale drawings for construction and engineering....
  Computer Graphics        C++     

metis-3.0 partitioning unstructured graphs, partitioning meshes, and computing fill-reducing orderings of sparse matrices.

Copyright 1997, Regents of the University of Minnesota. METIS was written by George Karypis (karypis@cs.umn.edu) Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------ METIS is a software package for partitioning unstructured graphs, partitioning meshes, and computing fil...
  Parallel Computing      Fortran     

BCX Basic to C compiler

BCX Basic to C compiler, compiles to -- Microsoft Visual C++, Lcc-32, GCC, Digital Mars C++, Borland C++, Open Watcom C++, Pelles C, MingW32 C. Can be expanded....
  compiler        VB     

ModBus communications Protocol

Emerson Control Techniques manufactures Servo drives that communicate via the ModBus Protocol. This was and old GWBasic version of the protocol that I think I got from Taylor Software 10 years ago. I have adapted it for VB 6.0 (Win XP is my OS) using flexgrid to display the register contents...
  Communication        VB     

GSM module communication source code

GSM communication source code, C++ language, use VC6.0 Editor to write code that hooks when the GSM module, normally with your phone to send and receive text messages, use Message Queuing, opened a worker thread to receive, parse, read SMS, send SMS and receive SMS messages, use mode for Message Que...
  Communication        C++     

Mitsubishi FX series PLC communication and VB programming port source code

Mitsubishi FX series PLC programming port communication and VB source code, suitable for serial communication, you can make reasonable for PLC control, can freely change the VB source code, use VB6.0 to write....
  Communication        VB     

mini c compiler

mini c compiler using lex and yacc  compilation Steps $ lex c.l $ yacc c.y $ gcc y.tab.c -ll -ly $ ./a.out [filename]...
  compiler        C++     

The communication between Visual Basic .NET and Flash

The communication betwen VB.NET and Flash. This sample will show how flash will send the variable to vb.net and vice versa. .FLA project is included. ...
  Communication        VB     

commucation example in Matalb

Matlab code which 1)compare time taken to evaluate fast Fourier transform (FFT) using command in matlab (fft) and using a build in function which make same operation of fft and 2)model the effect of flat fading channel on QPSK and 16QAM Modulation...
  communcatoin        Matlab     

Wireless receiver decoder and group programs (including communications)

From a project Implement the following functions Wireless adapters/decoding code | wireless remote control receiver remote control LED lighting and controls 433MHz decoding code wonderful Kung Fu microcontroller, can be simply changed to PIC single-chip microcomputer **...
  Communication        C     

Serial port communication

Using c++ to write code. Serial ports send and receive functions can be achieved, main station and from the station, the primary station sends data to the slave, in the main window displays the sent data, data that arrives from the station can receive the master station and displays....
  Communication        C++     

matlab code foe communication

ASK refers to a type of amplitude modulation that assigns bit values to discrete amplitude levels. The carrier signal is then modulated among the members of a set of discrete values to transmit information. In Binary Amplitude Shift Keying the amplitude of carrier signal is varied to repres...
  communication        Matlab     

RS232 communications applet

This is my learning CVI to download a small program, this program according to the CVI serial routines overwrite, you can change the port number, baud rate, and other parameters. Serial port status LED and joined the show....
  Communication        C     

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