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algorithms such as sort etc

Heap sort The Board covering problem Generate arranging objects Sort KMP algorithm BM algorithm...

algorithms, Initializations, and Convergence for the Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

It is well-known that good initializations can improve the speed and accuracy of the solutions of many nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) algorithms [56]. Many NMF algorithms are sensitive with respect to the initialization of W or H or both. This is especially true of algorithms of the alter...

Point by Point comparison method of linear interpolation algorithm

Point by Point compared linear interpolation by c language programs. doc Motion control technology is an important branch of modern control technology, in industrial hygiene Is playing an increasingly important role in the production. In recent years, as microelectronic technology and power...

detection Edge With Ant Colony

Artificial ant colony is an algorithm of swarm inteligence. We can aplicate in detection edge. This algorithm is more interestanting when watch the swarm comportament. Exist incontible algorithms based in swarm inteligence and this implementation builded in matlab code is easy for using in tests wit...

algorithm for backtracking

Backtracking algorithms 0-1 knapsack problems, travel vendors, frog transposition problems and Knight's tour problem....

algorithm for image compression using EZW

This is the algorithm for image compression using ezw. It is used in wavelet domain. This algorithm is very efficient and useful in image processing....

algorithm for flexible job shop scheduling based on immune algorithm


algorithm First Best implemented to solve the Hanoi towers with GUI

Program in visual c ++ which uses best-first algorithm to solve the Towers of Hanoi . Also implements a graph navigation and interaction with the keyboard interface for its use . Comes included an instruction and the source code , plus the necessary textures and an .exe filefile...

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