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Optical Flow USING MATlab

2015-03-10 01:41    By:hesha      View:128      Download:6

opticalFlow = vision.OpticalFlow returns an optical flow System object, opticalFlow. This object estiMATes the direction and speed OF object motion from one image to another or from one video frame to another. opticalFlow = vision.OpticalFlow(Name,Value) returns an optical flow...

Matlab Matlab

16QAM modulation and demodulation SIMULATION OF MATlab

14 hours ago    By:Mr.koala      View:71      Download:1

16QAM modulation based on MATlab SIMULATION analysis, include the constellation diagram, bit error rate, noise, molding and MATched FILTER...

Matlab Matlab

serial port read USING MATlab

2014-11-22 21:57    By:rajasekar      View:9      Download:1

this program is used to read the serial port and display the data coming from it. also we can use this FOR further procesing...

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-23 10:09    By:chethan      View:101      Download:1

Image  stitching is a process OF stitching two or more images to create an image OF high-resolution. Produce a visually plausible mosaic such that the seam between the stitched images should be invisible. It requires nearly exact overlaps between images and identical exposures to produce sea...

Matlab Matlab

The SIMULATION OF particle collisions USING computational fluid dynamics MATlab

2015-03-10 21:00    By:Sail帆      View:1892      Download:0

Particle collisions are simulated USING computational fluid dynamics method, you can customize a variety OF parameters including the number OF particles, the particle density, RADIUS and so on. Can be used to coordinate OF gravity or gravity-free space....

Matlab Matlab

Basic 10 programs FOR beginners to draw a graph USING MATlab

2015-03-24 02:03    By:revathybaskaran      View:31      Download:0

Here there is basic 10 programs FOR beginners to draw a graph.. RL circuit analysis program was also awarded.....

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-26 11:54    By:Lajnef-hanen      View:103      Download:4

This report contains basic inFORMATion on Cognitive Radio and SOFtware Defined Radio. SOFtware Defined Radio is an emerging technique in this domain that promises easy portability and adaptability OF new techniques on the same hardware. Cognitive Radio technique utilizes this SOFtware Defined Radio...

File Matlab

Application OF compressed sensing, single-pixel cameras and MATLAB code

2015-03-21 09:45    By:xuyuanye      View:341      Download:2

Rice University -pixel camera has a depth OF research, single-pixel camera is new an application OF compressed sensing, including sparse representation, measurement MATrix algorithm in three parts. This code is experimental code MATLAB single-pixel cameras compressive sensing image restoration, from...

压缩感知 Matlab

Image analysis USING MATlab codings

2015-03-25 11:39    By:Jan      View:153      Download:0

I'm doing my work on image analysis USING moments.Moment based approaches on images will enhanced its bahaviour compared to other functions.Here with i have attached some OF my MATlab codings FOR your refrence.please put your responses as soon as possible....

Image Processing Matlab

Interface Connection between STK SOFtware and Actidyn Simulator USING MATlab

2015-01-06 11:59    By:ksydirz      View:37      Download:0

Interface program to connect Actidyn Simulator (most accurate 3 axis rotating table) to the SIMULATION SOFtware such as System Tool Kit (STK) through MATlab Environment....

Communication Matlab

Face recognition USING MATlab

10 hours ago    By:sam      View:193      Download:2

Face Recognition is one OF the key areas under research. It has numerous OF applications and uses.  Many methods and algorithms are put FORward like, 3D facial recognition etc. Face recognition comes  under Biometric identification like iris, retina, finger prints etc. The feat...

Image Processing Matlab

Development and SIMULATION OF MIMO-OFDM wireless system

2015-03-14 09:24    By:baiyanshuzhi0925      View:37      Download:0

This is a very large program, there are several functions can be well described in MIMO-OFDM Systems, different parameters can also be modified, to SIMULATION and comparison OF results, this is a great program, we can refer to it, a variety OF improvements...

Communication Matlab

System modeling and identification based on BP neural network prediction and SIMULATION OF MATLAB programs

2015-03-27 02:39    By:yabcged      View:288      Download:0

Based on BP neural network on with noise OF second-order system OF identification FORecast, used typical OF three layer network topology structure is entered layer, and implied layer and output layer, USING minimum are party errors and gradient fell method, by errors OF reverse spread to constantly...

Graph Matlab

MATLAB FDTD SIMULATION OF periodic structure prepared by the transmission

2015-03-08 12:55    By:awhivhej      View:58      Download:1

Source programs are written USING MATLAB FDTD (finite-difference time-domain method) to simulate the transmission distribution OF periodic structures. Includes two-and three-dimensional source, also has detailed iteration FORmula, extremely has the reference value....

Algorithm Matlab

USING MATLAB implementation based on local structural characteristics OF the vascular tree OF fundus image registration

2015-01-22 10:04    By:katherine_sun      View:240      Download:0

This code uses MATlab USING fundus images OF the vascular tree, found with the distinguishing characteristics OF bifurcation and bifurcation and the surrounding three bifurcation as a local structure, angle and FORk length FORk point image transFORms, and registration....

Image Processing Matlab

Illustrate OF 2D discrete wavelet transFORMATion USING MATLAB functions

2015-03-25 02:33    By:Bodong      View:55      Download:0

Though MATLAB provides functions FOR 2D discrete wavelet transFORMATion (DWT), several related details have not been clearly shown. Consequently, one has to waste time to find such details. Considering this, I will show simple illustrations OF 2D DWT and two MATLAB programs will be implemented. One...

Image Processing Matlab

Weighted image fusion algorithm MATlab source code

2015-03-24 08:56    By:a2368699078      View:187      Download:2

加权图像融合算法的MATlab源代码,包括IHS,PCA Fusion,主要运用在GSM中卫星图像处理,里面有例子图片,可以清晰的看见处理效果。...

Image Processing Matlab
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