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coding of Alpha Trimmed Mean Filter

implementation of alpha trimmed mean filter.....easy to understand special for beginners ...

Solar controller mppt.

it consists of simulink model of PV array with inverter and mppt and aslo description filePV array with mmp tracking boost Dc-DC conterter\InitializempptrackIref.mInitializempptrackIref.m.txtmpptrackIref.mmpptrackIref.m.txtpv_boost_mpp_Iref.mdlPV array with mmp tracking boost Dc-DC conterter...

decoding by sindrome

next pow 2 finds the exponent of the next power of two greater than or equal tothe window length (ceil(log2(m))), and pow 2 computes the power. Using apower of two for the transform length optimizes the FFT algorithm, though inpractice there is usually little difference in execution time from using...

Subband coding

Waveform coding.     In waveform coding, we try to find an efficient representation of the waveform, directly. In this methods we use the correlation between two or more step samples or a complex quantize algorithm. 1.2 Transform coding.       T...

Decoding 315M 51 single chip microcomputer module

PT2262 51 single-chip PT2272 timing solution 315M Super regenerative module via serial key code is printed on the serial port on the Assistant speaking. 2262 corresponds to resistance to 4.7M...

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