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PN and GOLD MATLAB program

this zipped file contains PN and GOLD for MATLAB program, which provides a sequence of m sequences and gold sequences, also.....

Problem programation in Java

Basic Exercises in Java with made with Net Beans 7.3.1 program for Computer Systems class at the University UVM....

Solving 8 puzzle problem breadth first search c++ algorithm code

An algorithm that tries to solve the 8 puzzle problem in c++ code. This code uses breadth first search. ...

In-System Application programming(IAP) in LPC2768

In-System Application programming Demo   for ARM7 microcontroller NXP LPC2768 in Keil uvision  . Flash writing and LCD can be simulated and seen in Memory windows....

OPENGL basic program

Can achieve XYZ rotation controlled by up,down,left,right d,u respectively; this is one of the most basic framework program...

Firebird search program

 program to search Database Firebird on LAN. search any machines who has Firebird install on the LAN on TCP/IP range defined for you....


The undirected unweighted graph with one selected vertex is given. Find the number of vertices in the connected component where the selected vertex belong (including the selected one).InputThe first line contains two integers n and s (1 ≤ s ≤ n ≤ 100), where n - the number of vertices of the g...

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