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java Web Crawler program

java Web Crawler program, very powerful features, pages crawled, either manually or automatically to achieve the Web content crawling...

java small alarm clock

java small alarm clock, you can set the time Bell.                              ...

java FTP uploading and downloading programs

java FTP uploading and downloading features of program code    .                     ...

java random lottery program

A java applet is very interesting, to achieve a random lottery to purchase an array of random numbers and realize the lottery is not random and repetitive, the other can achieve a variety of ways lottery, 30 selected 520 selected 3, etc....

java calculator basic functions

The program uses a simple calculator java implementation, including basic functions, subtraction, multiplication and division are. All java it uses very basic knowledge, nothing particularly difficult place for beginners to consolidate the foundation of a very good small program...

java Microphone Example

Shows how to access microphone in java.The Class is implemented as Runnable, so in order to run it:1. you can either implement Thread and call startOR2. you can directly call, which will block until stop flag has been raised....

java 3D source code

Introduction to java the best examples, include a variety of basic graph plan, requires java3D development environment, the code concise and efficient, if they can read the helpful for java3D technology introduction...

java Oracle database simple queries

java to connect to the database, three-step loading-driven access to create a database connection object to create a query returns a result set When you need something, when in the appropriate methods to obtain...

java serial port communication

java serial port communication programs, including reading and writing program, available in single-chip microcomputer serial communication or other, java-based serial communication is relatively small, this extremely has the reference value for developers, code given here, hoping to play a role in...

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