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labview sound input to save


2013-09-27 08:09

labview to realize the string mouth communication

Realization of serial communication using labview. To install visa driver packages, Then visa is read from the serial port read data, there is a read buffer, the data read from the serial port Visa write write data to a serial port or a command Is visa close over the serial port re...

2013-10-31 01:06

Written by labview PC

Helping teachers with a host computer can draw curve curve follows the sine curves to adjust the PID parameter in real time including dynamic stress and displacement response curve of the system can be set according to PC or displacement is sinusoidal follow mobile frequency of sinusoidal amplitude...

labview signal display and control

Use labview for signal acquisition. Signal source can be a sine wave, sawtooth wave, triangle wave, and so on. Wave amplitudes can adjust, adjusted 1, in addition, can also display multichannel waveform signal....

2013-12-11 21:03

labview the frequency response of the impulse function

labview impulse function following filter frequency response curve, including amplitude and phase frequency frequency curve curve can be used as reference...

labview tcp/ip server

This program is designed as tcp/ip client. and the stm32f4 lwip as a server. this program send an hex command. and the server received the command, send the 70 length string to client....

2014-08-22 22:40

Simple demo program based on labview interface

Based on a simple labview interface demo program, to help you quickly learn how to develop labview program, equivalent to ordinary helloword, quickly accessible, and Even if you've never learned labview, learned of this program, you'll feel all of a sudden turned out to be so simple to learn,...

labview RX- Tx FINITE

Based on the radio show of the transmit and receive signals, getting radio signals. Based on the radio show of the transmit and receive signals, getting radio signals. Based on the radio show of the transmit and receive signals, getting radio signals. Based on the radio show of the transmit an...

2014-10-08 11:03

SPWM IN labview

It`s a spwm 3-phase in labview. it`s only one example for the student think how can do a 3 phase inverter with labview and using DAQ....

2014-10-20 10:59
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