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Practical matlab code

Multiple functional matlab programs, helping you improve the ability of code as soon as possible, involve histogram equalization, filter design , image processing algorithms, such as code operations....

matlab code for the LPC speech analysis, synthesis, recognition

Levison-Durbin linear prediction coding LPC speech signal processing theory, lattice filters and algorithms for solving the current prediction equation, can be achieved on the important elements of speech signal analysis, synthesis or recognition....

matlab code for median filter to remove noice

there is a code of median filter that is used to remove the noise from image relating to the digital image processing. if we have an image that is effected by noise and u have to operate that image for further processing then can use median filter to clear the image. median filter can b 3X...

Two-dimensional principal component analysis written in matlab code for face recognition

Two dimension main ingredients analysis method is General of for down dimension of method, also became K-L transform, can for people face recognition in the features extraction, because with matrix to expressed people face image, numerical compared big, handling enough convenient, so two dimension m...

matlab code for the wireless orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems

Wireless orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems matlab code, the code on algorithm simulation and comparison of three kinds of synchronization, has great reference value, code is error-free....

matlab code for k_means

Using matlab to write code to implement k_means clustering algorithm, here is the conduct two types of classification, this program is included with the main function, and contains data, this k_means program can be run directly....

matlab code for basic OFDM model

In digital communications, information is expressed in the form of bits. The term symbol refers to a collection, in various sizes, of bits [6]. OFDM data are generated by taking symbols in the spectral space using M-PSK, QAM, etc, and convert the spectra to time domain by taking the Inverse Discr...

matlab code for Decision-Tree-Based Impulse Detector

2D MEDIAN FILTERING FOR SALT AND PEPPER NOISE WITHOUT USING medfilt2 FUNCTION MEDIAN FILTER: In digital Image processing The image noise may be termed as random variation of brightness or color information. There are various types of image noise. Here a matlab program to remove 'salt and peppe...

matlab code to Fuse 2 Images

Program for Fusing 2 images It supports both Gray & Color Images Alpha Factor can be varied to vary the proportion of mixing of each image. With Alpha Factor = 0.5, the two images are mixed equally. With Alpha Facotr < 0.5, the contribution of background image will be more. With Alpha Fa...

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