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Project management system

2015-11-21 08:16    By:lovek      View:80      Download:0

Project management system makes you schedule tyour daily tasks within the organization in more specific way, PMS is a web-based, multi-user, multi-language project management application. It is free and open source software, and is maintained by an open community of volunteer programmers.,...

Project Management PHP

Content management system

2015-11-06 15:20    By:deepakdutt      View:42      Download:1

Abstract Project Title:  Content management system Category:  Web Datamanagement (Content management) Objective: Todevelop a web based application which can be used to manage the contents hostedon a web site.Description:       Content management system is...

content management ASP/ASPX


2015-06-25 04:41    By:EyreFree      View:88      Download:1

Student Information management system,C#;Add, delete, change, check, file operations, original;...

CSharp C#

Class management system

2015-11-02 09:24    By:hlqfeng      View:164      Download:2

ClaSS (ClaSS Student system) class management system is a fully functional, main functions are: student tracking, reporting and information management, Web based development, existing information systems can be used to expand the school....

DataBase PHP

Team management system

2015-10-07 10:39    By:sarfoos      View:50      Download:2

The aim of this project is toefficiently manage the teams and other information regarding the season’splayoff, providing easy access to get maximum details. There is lots of sporting extravaganza going on like nfl, ipl, world cups etc. The roster management system intends to to exploit t...

Windows ASP/ASPX

online libraly management system

2015-11-24 09:10    By:kimm      View:206      Download:1

a library management system that allows booking and lending of also fines the students who extend the deadline of submission...

Windows ASP/ASPX

Warehouse management system development

2015-11-25 04:53    By:cyj      View:91      Download:0

1 Requirement analysis 1 . 1 the purpose of the system Warehouse management system focuses on the daily inventory management, its response to day-to-day business, is divided into two major categories, namely, inbound and outbound, user through appropriate modules, operate on the basic...


Hardware Sales and management system

2015-07-30 11:35    By:sam      View:30      Download:0

“Hardware Sales and management system” is a stock maintenance or management process and inventory  keeping of type data processing application, done by software named Purchase And Sales system used by  retailers that sell product to their customer.” A high volume of...

Other VB

Rental management system

2015-11-13 23:30    By:244894824      View:72      Download:2

Rental management system written in Java, database, Mysql. Realization of publishing information, delete, find information, and other functions. Registered users using Ajax, the effect is very good. system embedded inside a Forum Web page....

Java Development JSP

Dream project management system, a new generation of Chinese BUG management system

2015-06-25 04:14    By:一跃而过      View:170      Download:0

The new generation of Chinese BUG management systems available it!          From "Dream win Technology" and "Ninth Five Internet" to create a joint - Dream project management  system (ie BUG management system), the system is based on a completely open sour...

Web Framework PHP


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