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vc ++ merchandise management system

Merchandise management system, making the login screen, product number, product name, price, quantity, total amount, enter product information, delete the contents of product information, menus, etc....

medical shop management system

The project on Pharmaceutical Distribution management system has the following hardware requirements:Hard Disk: Minimum 40GB HDD...

Simple permission management system

1 Department of management: main departments information added, modified, deleted. User interface is as follows: 2, user management: main information added, modified, deleted, and the users are granted roles. User interface is as follows: 3, role management: the main character of add, modify, delete...

Auto parts management system

Auto Parts management system C language with complete system design...

Commodity inventory management system

Commodity inventory management system , C language with complete system design...

Natural disaster management system

Build files, natural resource management systems, statistical disaster occurrence throughout the calendar year, to search and sort, mainly to the main list, documentation, storage, implement insert, query, delete, sorting and other functions...

C++ personnel management system

Personnel management system by simple structure editing, including add, delete, modify, search, etc, with the most simple way to complete the more complex operations...

Dairy Plant management system

The system process, milk deliveries, farmer records, add new farmer, advance given to farmers, calculates net pay for the milk suppliers....

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