Gps/BDS conversion program

2015-03-09 08:58    By:pimnmn      View:49      Download:2

Implement Gps,BDS (the Big Dipper) time conversions, including GE, Julian day, when Gps, when big, annual date of conversion, interface written by VC6.0, simplicity, can be minimized to the system tray, Gps algorithm could be easily debugged data processing time....

gps Visual C++

Gps L1 singal acquisiton

7 hours ago    By:Tanlearn      View:74      Download:3

This codes is the simulation of Gps L1 signal acquisition. First it generate the CA code and the correlating pn code, and then multiply the code by the carrier. The frequency spectrum of the simulated signal was plotted. Finally,the frequency offset is added to the signal ,and the local us...

GPS Matlab

Precision Gps calculations factor in some of the source code

2015-04-01 05:48    By:summerho      View:104      Download:1

Better source code, computational precision factor values such as GDOP,PDOP, including the Japan development of Gps precise point positioning programs, all programs can run, hope to be helpful ......

gps Matlab

Gps module test procedures

9 hours ago    By:jenslee2008      View:130      Download:0

Gps module test procedures #include "display.h" Gps_INFO Gps; //Gps information structure /**************************************** Constant definitions Be careful not defined in header files *****************************************/ UCHAR code beiwei[]= "latitude"; UCHAR c...

gps C++

Gps point positioning program

2015-04-17 12:03    By:chanaqingying      View:184      Download:7

Gps single point positioning, which enables the satellite coordinate calculations, the ground point coordinate calculation precision index calculation and output to Excel....

gps C#

Gps L5 code generator

2015-03-29 11:11    By:Chungchooni      View:39      Download:0

this is Gps L5 code generator...

gps Matlab

The power inversion algorithm for Gps anti-jamming antenna simulation

2015-04-17 12:00    By:justargon      View:102      Download:0

Based on power inversion algorithm for Gps anti-jamming antenna simulation and Gaussian noise generation functions, convergence of LMS, MATLAB source code runs successfully, with good effect, it is also useful...

gps Matlab

Precision Gps calculations factor in some of the source code

2015-03-14 08:27    By:summerho      View:26      Download:0

Better source code, calculate the precision factor values such as GDOP,PDOP, all the programs are running, and I hope to help ... Better source code, computational precision factor values such as GDOP,PDOP, are running programs, hope to be helpful ......

gps Matlab

RpsO particle swarm optimization algorithm

10 hours ago    By:ellie      View:156      Download:4

RpsO particle swarm optimization algorithm...

Algorithm Matlab

GpsR KeLiu

2015-03-30 13:21    By:lzx1988lzx      View:42      Download:1

This is based on NS2 a GpsR protocol for Vehicle to vehicle Network. gpsr/{,h} C++ code for the GpsR routing agent. gpsr/paper-cmu.tcl TCL script for simulations used in 50-node cases in MobiCom 2000 paper. GpsR paramete...


Source code for ES stream to ps stream

2015-01-07 21:51    By:taiwane      View:35      Download:1

Source code for ES stream to ps stream. The main function is MUX().  Mux: Call each time there is new data for at least one stream...

Image Processing C

Broadcom MIps64 SOCs sample software

2015-04-04 22:11    By:stkid      View:35      Download:1

This is a collection of sample software related to the Broadcom(SiByte) BCM1125/H and BCM1250 MIps64 SOCs.  For information about changes in this distribution, see the "version" file in this directory. Below is a list of the sample software directories which are provided, with...

Communication C

ps2 mouse and key board

2015-03-26 18:28    By:saurabhshukla118      View:191      Download:0

The ps/2 controller can be used to communicate both with a ps/2 keyboard and a ps/2 mouse. It provides an interface to the ps/2 protocol, handling the data transmission, error detection and the timing control. The ps/2 controller interface consists of the ps/2 clock and the ps/2 data inputs, and t...

study Verilog


2015-04-17 07:21    By:sai      View:32      Download:1

MATALBA OCDE FOR QpsK Mbit SDRAM. 1Mbyte Flash. 512KB SPI Flash Program Memory. UART for Serial Communication. 25MHz On-Board crystal. 32.768 KHz RTC. Output Led’s Timers and RTC. Programmable Flags (For External I/O). JTAG Connectors. Asyn...

Matlab Matlab

psO algorithm program

2015-04-15 05:44    By:kaen      View:124      Download:2

Some common psO algorithm procedures, including basic psO, a linear variation psO, the compression factor psO, psO random weights, etc., can facilitate learning...

Other Matlab

GpsR(Homemade Gps Receiver)

2015-03-31 14:45    By:b9803222      View:48      Download:0

I was motivated to design this receiver after reading the work of Matjaž Vidmar, S53MV, who developed a Gps receiver from scratch, using mainly discrete components, over 20 years ago. His use of DSP following a hard-limiting IF and 1-bit ADC interested me. The receiver described here works on the s...

Embeded Verilog

BpsK modulation and demodulation simulation C language source code

2015-04-10 12:47    By:Legendary      View:159      Download:4

BpsK modulation and demodulation simulation C language source code. It is original withdetailed annotations. Welcome to download and try....

通信 C

Type 1 Particle Swarm Optimization (T1psO) + Conventional Particle Swarm Optimization (CpsO)

2015-04-12 06:42    By:oveisasgari      View:665      Download:2

Type 1 Particle Swarm Optimization is a modified version of Particle Swarm Optimization (psO) which is a computational method that optimizes a problem by iteravely trying to improve a candidate solution with regard to a given measure of quality. psO optimizes a problem by having a population of cand...

Algorithm Matlab

Gps tracker

2015-02-01 02:42    By:manu      View:26      Download:0

Web 2.0 and the programmable web that I and others have been talking about for a while has mostly been vapourware so far. There are a few generic components that are useful, but it is somewhat limited what you can do with them. And yes, you may consider this a somewhat biased view, but I think Yahoo...

Java Development Java

Gps / INS position combined output correction Matlab simulation

2015-04-17 21:35    By:000      View:98      Download:4

Gps / INS position combined output correction Matlab simulation  File Description:  s_Gps_INS_position_sp_demo.m combination master file  kalman_Gps_INS_position_sp_NFb.m Kalman filtering program  ode500.mat aircraft flight path with the INS output data  The three f...

Matlab C++

psO knapsack problem source code

2015-04-12 10:57    By:zhfsdu      View:95      Download:0

1 Enter Enter to pso2 parameters are set in the get_psoOptions.m3 knapsack.m file for knapsack problem fitness function4 knapsack_exampledata500.dat knapsack problem is processing data 500...

Matlab C

Gps CA code acquisition in Matlab (CA code +Gps signal +capture)

2015-04-17 11:48    By:zhuangy1      View:336      Download:9

Gps CA code acquisition in Matlab (CA code  +Gps signal +capture)...

Matlab Matlab

Gps control network optimization design source

2015-02-02 20:28      View:39      Download:1

Gps control network optimization design...


BER Simulation for BpsK and QpsK

2015-04-01 02:46    By:ankit.kumar8589      View:93      Download:0

This code deals with the BER simulation for QpsK and BpsK for various values of SNR. At least 10^6 transmission of bits has been considered. 10 different itaeration for SNR has been taken....

Communication Matlab

ps streams video resolver

2015-01-08 22:58    By:对牛乱弹琴      View:36      Download:0

Simple C++ code parsing ps video stream, very suitable for the novice to learn to understand ps video streaming protocol format parsing and packaged programs. After personally testing works...

Multimedia C++

Gps inertial

2015-03-25 16:30    By:zhongyishun      View:37      Download:2

Gps inertial navigation system, after decompression will be 5M, which I use C# for embedded WinCE do a Gps/inertial navigation system of the combination of positioning software, including a Kalman filter algorithm (including the matrix of control), the interface displays, Gps serial port to accept t...

Algorithm C#

MIps CPU, based on the MIps instruction set design

2015-03-20 10:38    By:tony      View:67      Download:0

This is what I wrote it myself _MIps CPU, based on the MIps instruction set design, using verilog write, step by step improvement, clear and simple structure, can be used as teaching use!...

verilog Verilog

MATLAB training program (psNR)

7 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:99      Download:2

MATLAB training program (psNR) psNR peak signal to noise ratio, typically used to evaluate an image and compared to the original image quality after compression is good or bad, of course, poor quality of compressed image must be larger than the original image, so use this index to the required stand...

Matlab Matlab

BpsK BER calculation

2015-04-01 02:46    By:arsal      View:45      Download:0

this code provides BER of BpsK against SNR. the code has been designed to calculate BER of BpsK modulated signal. first of all, a transmitter of BpsK is implemented, then the AWGN channel is implemented and finally at Receiver, the BER of the transmitted signal is calculated ...

Matlab Matlab


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