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GpsR KeLiu

This is based on NS2 a GpsR protocol for Vehicle to vehicle Network. gpsr/{,h} C++ code for the GpsR routing agent. gpsr/paper-cmu.tcl TCL script for simulations used in 50-node cases in MobiCom 2000 paper. GpsR paramete...

Gps data acquisition source

Realization of Gps data acquisition, data format, analyze the latitude and longitude, time, navigation and format. Codes are used on our devices is realized. Implements the data module, function and structure....

ps streams video resolver

Simple C++ code parsing ps video stream, very suitable for the novice to learn to understand ps video streaming protocol format parsing and packaged programs. After personally testing works...

Gps signal generation、capturing and tracking source code in Matlab

This is the Matlab source code of Gps singal generation, capturing and tracking. It is very useful for beginners. First, it generate C/A code, then do the capture in frequency domain. Track using coherent and non coherent methods....

BpsK modulation and demodulation simulation C language source code

BpsK modulation and demodulation simulation C language source code. It is original withdetailed annotations. Welcome to download and try....

Gps inertial

Gps inertial navigation system, after decompression will be 5M, which I use C# for embedded WinCE do a Gps/inertial navigation system of the combination of positioning software, including a Kalman filter algorithm (including the matrix of control), the interface displays, Gps serial port to accept t...

Gps tracker

Web 2.0 and the programmable web that I and others have been talking about for a while has mostly been vapourware so far. There are a few generic components that are useful, but it is somewhat limited what you can do with them. And yes, you may consider this a somewhat biased view, but I think Yahoo...

2014-10-03 10:08
by manu

Clips expert systems. NET source

CLIps.NET is .NET managed interface for CLIps (C Language Integrated Production System)CLIps.NET is an effort to bring CLIps into the .NET world. Framework is allowing a convenient and easy integrating Clips expert system in your .NET projects.Project contains a precompiled version of core CLIps lib...

ps data flow analysis

ps very nice turn H264, simple code to understand, at work can refer to use, simple structure, data processing and fresh...

2014-10-31 05:26
by lwj

psO knapsack problem source code

1 Enter Enter to pso2 parameters are set in the get_psoOptions.m3 knapsack.m file for knapsack problem fitness function4 knapsack_exampledata500.dat knapsack problem is processing data 500...

2014-11-16 22:31
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