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LAN chat software

在 Qt development On the platform 基于 Of UDP/TCP Network communication , Enables LAN users can chat, file transfer, file sharing, and the use of common Toolbox, achieve the purpose of effective communication....

Online Banking System(Java software)

this project is a java project fpr a bank system. the idea is that a user register if they are not already registered. When the app is run, you wll be brouht to a logon page, If the user is not registered, there is a reister button, which will redirect the user to a registration page. whil...

Reservation software

This is hotel reservation system with Vistual Studio and C#.Aim of this project is to provide simple understanding how to code, you can create your own database...

HR management software

The software can achieve the aim of personnel management, delete personnel records management. The software is written in C++, you can run the implementation. You can view information about personnel in the interface, and can be modified. Examples of this program can be used as a beginner to learn....

Memos software

software is a Memo message software of today and tomorrow can be added. According to demand, and displays the time the memorandum reminds, you can choose from 5 minutes to 8 hours. Programs running on the computer, and can be achieved on-time response....

Source code for HRM software

Source code of all function of HRM software, payroll, working time management, employee profile.... Manage time and work by allowing employees flexible settings and all kinds of different work shifts in the business, with outstanding features include:  - Define the type of holiday...

Serial port software

LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench, laboratory virtual instrumentation Engineering Workbench) is a United States national instruments graphical programs compile platform developed by the company, inventor of jiefu·Kao degrees, his (Jeff Kodosky), due to the special La...


This report contains basic information on Cognitive Radio and software Defined Radio. software Defined Radio is an emerging technique in this domain that promises easy portability and adaptability of new techniques on the same hardware. Cognitive Radio technique utilizes this software Defined Radio...

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