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verilog implementation of SMBUS bus

Two state machines and different modes of data transmission, as requested by the SMBus bus to regulate each transmission, from start to finish, to better achieve...

Introduction to verilog

This article introduces the basics of verilog HDL language, to enable the beginner to quickly grasp the HDL Design methods, preliminary reports and to master the basics of verilog HDL language, to be able to read simple design code and Enough to make some simple verilog HDL design modeling...

verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module

verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module, contains the BPS modules, level detection module and the control module...

verilog code for the GPS baseband processing

GPS software receiver baseband processing verilog programs, by spread spectrum demodulation, intermediate frequency data synchronization process converts the raw navigation data...

verilog code for ECC processor using karatsuba multiplier

We are working on a project based on side channel attacks caused in a ECC processor while performing multiplication....

verilog serial program based on ep4ce22

verilog circuits string mouth procedure based on ep4ce22, you can send 24bit, hoping to provide help....

verilog implementation of cordic algorithm

CORDIC algorithm can be implemented through different forms of solving multiplication, Division, square root, and some  trigonometric functions Operational problems. These calculation of trigonometric functions is to use hardware is Not easy to attain, and the CORDIC algorithm can...

verilog code for vedic multiplier

This is the source code for 8x8 vedic multiplier is designed by ancient vedic mathematics. It contains 16 sutra in that urdhva tiryagbhyam suytra is used. For the addition operation full adder is used ....

verilog DCT program

Discrete cosine transform DCT Testbench overall framework DCT Are most calculation-intensive piece of JPEG compression, image of the entire component image into 8  8 blocks, and input into a two-dimensional discrete cosine transform and realization of discrete cosine transform. DCT based on look...

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