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Mainly on the ENC28J60 driver, SOPC_BUILED, establishing in the FPGA to SPI interface, the program easy to transplant, the structure is clear, hard to see, very easy to use, is an integral on the acoustic technicians; almost touch oh damn afraid doleful expression links...

very useful debugging tool Modbus source

very useful debugging tool Modbus source code, use VC6.0, mainly for debugging Modbus devices, software functionality, implement simple in principle, are essential tools for debugging support Modbus Protocol used in automation equipment...

very good picture show

very good picture change display, the marquee scroll is beautiful....

bigTalkDesignPattenSourceCode books source (full)

The source, from selling the book's website, downloaded are guaranteed to be available for debugging source code, believe that novice players learn through this round, in object-oriented programming, will ease, and,...

very good triangulation procedures (written with Visual c++)

Triangulation procedure written in VC + +, the program works, and interested to see it: just a series of dots, then you can automatically split up....

very good listener IP packet software (source code)

Can clearly understand TCP / IP, UPD protocol, each packet contains the meaning of the data, etc., including the head of each frame of data, parity and so on, the decoded data so that you clearly understand the mechanisms underlying communications. very precious....

Recovery of curved, cylindrical projections

MATLAB training program (recovery of curved, cylindrical projection) described in the preceding paragraph are of a rectangular image into a cylindrical projection, see here and here. Describes how to start today has been projected on the map image to the original image. This transformation must be t...

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