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Android AMR audio decoding

Android recording AMR decoding, JNI decoding, using the underlying code way will use audio compression and decompression to reduce the bandwidth, using 8000 bit_16, single channel...

Android 阅读器 源码

Android阅读器 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <manifest xmlns:Android="" package="org.geometerplus.zlibrary.ui.Android" Android:versionCode="705" Android:versionName="0.7.5">  <uses-sdk Android:minSdkVersion="3" /> &nbs...

Android Service using Xamarin

Sample to demonstrate Sample Android Service using Xamarin.Android services run in the background, separate from the application. They are well suited to long running tasks such as completing a web upload, playing background audio and receiving location updates....

Android handwritten signature

Android DEMO of a handwritten signature under a gesture for study records and pictures generated code examples don't have the business was just a stripped-down case study...

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