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mysql db utils for restore and Backup

it is mysql db utils support  restore and Backup for is Lightweight project.It is more friendly   than the command line.It is more Lightweight than other utils. Instructions for use: first: setup ZEOSDBO  component  second :...

MSChart real time curve

Download example, MSchart VB space used to display real-time curve, feel good, to share with everyone, which sites forget sources, we can refer to for reference. Recently has been using MSchart, and a lot of information, this is relatively good, there is a significance....

Access control management program

Access control management procedures for personnel access, vehicular access to applications such as recording, capturing control of management...

Source code sharing of test

It is a based on OPENCV, search for moving target profile, video stream for the purpose of moving target detection in Delphi examples. And Delphi programming with OpenCv interface. -This is based on OPENCV, search for moving object silhouette in order to achieve video streaming of moving target dete...


SQL stored procedures: create or replace procedure job_proc is begin --Free tickets to modify modify ID Update O_2413 set 'where attr_24131004=' attr_24131004=' void sold '; --Single: modify modify ID Update O_2405 set 'where attr_24051004=' attr_24051004=' void sold '; Corporate voting--modi...

Sql date add operations

During development, met with one of the data rows of a table, query columns, this is a dynamic way to query. Always easy to forget that novice up to see! These commands when you remember the, ...

Hotel management system

Hotels , hotel management system , at first glance there is no direct relationship and communication systems , but the voice communication system , as a very important way to use the service position in this industry has been very special , an early and simple hotel management , including...

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