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Animation Test

Is a example of three basic animations, the first is a lamp following a circle, the second is a purple squad following a plane and last a ball bouncing....

panda3d example animation

this code is designed to show how to use panda 3d in the animation process .it inherites all the OpenGL characteristics with slight difference and this was explained clearly....

C Point 3D Cloud

vc6.0 + OpenGL achieve the 3D points...

nurbs surface rendering

VC++6.0 written in OpenGL NURBS surfaces. Programming for three dimensional NURBS surface model must have the value of reference and help...

ROAM realtime lod terrain

Project file for MS Visual C++ 6.0.Requires GLUT DLL ( program constants in Landscape.h and Utility.cpp.MAPS:  Default map is read from HeghtXXX.raw where XXX is the MAP_SIZE(as defined in Landscape.h).  If this map is not found, the programattempts to open "Map.v...

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