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C algorithm for real

C algorithm for real-time DSP- PrenticeHall.pdf...


Introduction:The LZW algorithm was patented by Unisys. It has been used in modems (standard V42 bis) and is still used in digital image formats GIF or TIFF files and audio MOD.L algorithm was designed to be fast to implement, but is most of the time not optimal because it performs a limited analysis...

BISECTION algorithm

  BISECTION algorithm 2.1   To find a solution to f(x) = 0 given the continuous function   f on the interval [a,b], where f(a) and f(b) have   opposite signs:   INPUT:   endPoints a,b; tolerance TOL;            maximum number...

Bat algorithm MATLAB program

algorithm of bats (BAT algorithm,BA) is Yang miniature bats by EchoLOCATION behavior associated with the optimization objective function, inspired in 2010, a new heuristic algorithm....

Artificial bee colony algorithm ABC

ABC is a swarm intelligence algorithm proposed by Karaboga in 2005, which is inspired by the behavior of honey bees. Since the development of ABC, it has been applied to solve different kinds of problems. Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is a recently proposed optimization technique whi...

Multi-objective bat optimization algorithm

Optimization of multiobjective optimization algorithm is a bat optimization algorithm for high precision, simple, practical, and easy to implement, I tested by running the algorithm, work just as well, hope to help, thanks!...

Sonic anemometer tilt correction algorithm

The present submission is a direct application of the algorithm proposed by Wilczak et al. [1] to correct the wind components recorded by a sonic anemometer from tilt angles. It is compared to the double and triple rotation algorithm. The present submission contains : - 4 example files: Ex...

Combinational genetic algorithm Optimization Array

a genetic algorithm, a population of candidate solutions (called individuals, creatures, or phenotypes) to an optimization problem is evolved toward better solutions. Each candidate solution has a set of properties (its chromosomes or genotype) which can be mutated and altered; traditionally, soluti...

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