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Compressed sensing SL0 algorithm

The SLl0 algorithm is a new algorithms for compressed sensing reconstruction of sparse, approximation by smooth functions such as using Gaussian function 0-norm optimization problems in compressed sensing, NP problems into smooth convex optimization problems. According to my tests, SL0 algorithm to...

algorithm using union find' target='_blank'>Kruskal's algorithm using union find

Kruskal's algorithm is a greedy algorithm in graph theory that finds a minimum spanning tree for a connected weighted graph.  This means it finds a subset of the edges that forms a tree that includes every vertex, where the total weight of all the  edges in the tree is minimi...

GPS multipath rejection algorithm

Based on the characteristics of multipath signals and the impact on navigation and positioning accuracy, using an effective algorithm for solving the problems of nonlinear non-Gaussian filtering-particle filter for estimating multipath signals The delay parameter. Particle degradation...

Genetic optimization algorithm

This algorithm is optimized by genetic algorithm for learning and intelligent optimization algorithm is very helpful, both for basic genetic algorithm using a certain degree of guidance, hope useful to everyone,...

Community finding algorithm GN algorithm

GN algorithm is a classic community discovery algorithm, which belongs to hierarchical clustering algorithm to split, initially, by Michelle Girvan and Mark Newman made. The basic idea is to delete the network constantly with respect to the maximum number of referrals (ege betweenness) side edges of...

The implementation of multiplier method optimization algorithms using C++

C++ implementation of multiplier method developed by VC6.0 optimization algorithms, programs to run, and get results. Multiplier method is relatively well in constrained optimization algorithm an algorithm that compared it with the penalty function method, avoiding the matrix of morbid situation and...

Data structures, basic algorithms

Contains the most common data structures (binary trees, linked lists, queues) basic operations and related algorithms, there are detailed notes and pay attention to issues relating to the code, and programmers to learn and practice the perfect textbook data structures and strength. There are also va...

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