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Soda machine vending machine

Vending machine based on spartan6 prepared from digital design with computer architecture project. Mobile Information Engineering College of Zhongshan University curriculum practice, this code can provide a reference for everyone. This source press input, four seven-segment decoder display current a...

Edge Detection

Detects edge (neg or pos) and produces a single pulse which lasts 1 clock pulse duration. Test bench for the code is also included. The code is useful if you want to synchronise various signals to the transition of an asynchronous signals.Reference

SDRAM read/write control and Modelsim simulation

1. this instance is used to control board SDRAM complete read/write capability;To the SDRAM write data, and then compare it to read out the data, if there is no match is displayed by LED lights, if consistent, LED is not lit.2. part1 directory is using the Modelsim simulation of engineering;3. part2...

Design of Altera DE2 based digital stopwatch

100Hz, 100ms,1s,10s,1min,10min 6 counter clock, ≪span style="font-size:10.5pt;font-family:"">4 a key input, using finite state machine to respond to external key control, in order to achieve control of the stopwatch, realize the stopwatch to start, pause, stop, and reset function...

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