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it is a GA learning code

it is a GA learning codei have made explanatory for almost everyline of codes.And it has a simple structure of SGAhowever it faces a single extreme value problem, u might change some parameters even algorithm to make it sucessful to solve multivalence problem...

Statistical learning such as ann,manifold,regression

It is a statistical toolbox such as manifold,regression,subspace learning,clustering,core,discrete,graph,learn,imgproc,kernel,perfeval,tensor...

Extreme learning machine

Nanyang Technological University Professor Huang Guangbin the limits of invention machine source code, can be used in machine learning, image, text classification, is a SVM classification method....

Try Moodle for e learning

Moodle is an opensource free e learning website. Simple download moodle install it... in your htdocs.... & use it in multiple ways...... for accessing as teacher manager, student , hod, & admin,,,...

Image Processing and Machine learning

This is another of my classmates about image processing and machine learning jobs, for four values ​​of image feature extraction, classification and recognition. LIBSVM. File contains the code, and some parameters commissioning 61549812Machine-learning-a-Image-Processing...

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