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Based on Altera's Nios II checksum use validate the C2H Accelerator system-Cyclone II

2015-11-18 00:06    By:jisungroc      View:2774      Download:1

Based on Altera's Nios II checksum use validate the C2H Accelerator system has been validated by the DE-2 Board, Component,Software Code there is DMA mode, and Custom Instruction, and General compared the component. Want to know NiosII system should have a lot of help....

verilog Verilog

Egold clone php script

2015-05-28 08:22    By:php717      View:25      Download:0

This is the ultimate software solution for those who wish to run their own Paypal, Stormpay, or e-gold type of online business. This clone comes with a ready out of the box website with all the features you need to run your own payment gateway system. Customers buy digital credits to spend a...

Web Browser PHP

msn clone interface

2013-10-12 19:54      View:7      Download:0

begin of a clone app of messenger chat. this using code delphi with same theme. enjoy and try make a program as messenger chat to your company or self ;)...

Windows Delphi

Breakout-clone game

2014-11-20 03:15    By:stefanbanu      View:7      Download:0

This is a breakout clone game made by me, is not finished. I used swing for the GUI view It is a desktop java game application I used an algorithm for changing the speed of the game in case of different pc-s Thanks....

Java Development Java

IR verilog cyclone 3

2015-06-25 13:24    By:elchen      View:9      Download:0

//  This VHDL/Verilog or C/C++ source code is intended as a design reference//   which illustrates how these types of functions can be implemented.//   It is the user's responsibility to verify their design for//   consistency and functionality through the use of formal//  ...

verilog Verilog

LinkedIN clone

2014-11-20 11:36    By:rapidroll      View:18      Download:2

This is a clone for LinkedIn, It helps user to connect in a professional environment and share their skills with their professional friends....

Web Browser Python

super market clone script

2015-10-13 04:32    By:dasa      View:19      Download:0

asdmkasnjkdnasjkndjkasnjkdnjksanjkdnkjsankdjnsasjkdbjhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want points.. please send me i want points.. please send me i want points.. please send me i wa...

Windows Kernel JavaScript

Facial Recognition by P CA LDA Algorithm Based on Parallel clone Selection Algorithm

2014-12-13 15:50    By:amazoz      View:14      Download:0

Although the combination of PCA and LDA has take advantage of the merit of the former's reducing dimension and redundancy and the latter's optimum discriminant vector space. However, by PCA-LDA algorithm, space reversion is achieved according to feature value....

Image Processing PDF


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