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Matlab license plate recognition

Matlab source from the network to a more accurate identification of the bus brands including license plate location binarization correction filtering algorithms to identify ...... filtering algorithm can learn to be improved...

Matlab numerical and symbolic computation basis

Matlab numerical and symbolic computation of Foundation  ...

Matlab training program (random images)

Matlab training program (random images) random walk is similar to Brownian motion, which is random in all directions to go. Although the code there's nothing technical content, but an image is so beautiful, so I'd rather post it....

Matlab training programs (k-means clustering)

Matlab training programs (k-means clustering) clustering algorithm, not a classification algorithm. Classification algorithm is a data and then determine the data belongs to the good of the class in any particular class of. Clustering algorithm is for a bunch of raw data, and then through the algori...

Matlab training program (anisotropic diffusion)

Matlab training program (anisotropic diffusion) is mainly used to smooth images, overcome the defects of a Gaussian blur, anisotropic diffusion smoothing image is retained when edge (and the bilateral filter looks like). Usually we have considered as a matrix of the image, as a figure, as random pro...

Matlab training program (automatic focus)

Matlab training program (automatic focus) auto focus need to judge the image blurry or clear level. Of course, the real focus also needs to fit the hardware, I don't engage in hardware, so it wouldn't have to be concerned on the one hand. There are three main evaluation method: 1. the grayscale meth...

Matlab training program (synthesis)

Matlab training program (synthesis) classic paper on texture synthesis should be TextureSynthesis by Non-parametric Sampling of the Efros essay, citations nearly 2000. The synthesis here is based on a sample of, is to have a small image, and then one big. My personal understanding is that generate a...

Matlab training program (steerable filters)

Matlab training program (steerable filters) in good old technology, 91, but I found the introduction of no more. Steerable filters steerable filters in different directions on the template, and then use templates for deconvolution on an image in different directions, will be able to get the edges of...

Matlab training program (histogram matching)

Matlab training program (histogram matching) histogram matching, or called a histogram specification can, is according to the given image histogram the histogram to be mapped, so that the new image histogram of distribution are similar to a given function. Total has the following steps: 1. functions...

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