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•Multipleprocess are run in parallel, so that downloading rate is maximized anddownloading time is minimized.•Staticpages are stored in user desired folder.•Anydifficulties encountered can be viewed separately in the Error’s view.  ...

Use the LAPACK library solving linear equations

Using mantlab and c program calling LAPACK library for solving linear equations arithmetic, can be extended to the inverse of the matrix, and characteristic values, such as an operation....

FTP thread cutting transmission

This is a to use multiple threads, will split a large file, FTP transfer into multiple smaller files examples...

Multithreaded programming example code under the window

Case for multithreaded programming under Windows, with source code, have a good reference value for everyone to share, a programming language for c/c + +. Multithreaded programming for beginners to learn it properly....

Delphi MultiThreading

BDMThread sampe usageWith Component and demosVer: V1.9 *********      History      ***************************\Beta V1.0b0     04/29/1999      ReleasedBeta V1.0b1     05/24/1999      The Synchro method editors have been...

Thread pool class

It was written by someone else a thread pool class, very good, very detailed, code look very detailed, multi-thread technology is very helpful to me, a friend in need can be downloaded...

C++ implementation I guess you have drawn

C++ development platform for your implementation and design of drawing I guess, using multi-threading, MFC, network programming, implementing a client connection to the server and users chat, and painting....

QT interface to achieve production consumers simulation

Classic example of multi-threaded, by QT5 interface effects,Simulation of producer-consumer activities,Use QT's thread classes.I hope to help you...

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