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MFC,Point cloud ,PCL

MFC, Point cloud, PCL, use PCL Point cloud make surface, use C++ to change surface, can usePCL function conveniently. ...

algorithm of image processing in c

Teeth part as the main direction, c language ML-EM continuous image, removing image noise. Compare images you can make 3D image processing, image. img image. The platform for VS2008,windows7 64....

algorithm for Flash games

Flash game developed using calculator works, beautifully interface, the code simple and clear, detailed notes, suitable for the students just getting started with AS3. In the ignorant, there is nothing wrong with list of exhibitions...

algorithm of bifurcation for a discraete system

algorithm of bifurcation for a discraete system,which could be used to calculate bifurcation and lypunov expnontes for dynamic system...

algorithms in data structure

You can find algorithms of stack, queue and all kind of sorting, like insert, quick sort, binary tree etc. The implementation of stack and queue using binary and table method. Looking forward to helping every one....

algorithm Prim

Java code them Prim 's algorithm for minimum spanning tree. Just change the values of the  weights of the graph in the code itself . All commented ....

detection C++ tangential transformation code

This feature is intended to test the tangent function and calculate the tangent of in order to draw the tangent function parameter is in radians, binary form!...

algorithm of Image Denoising

Image denoising This algorithm may not be very competent but it still gave appreciable results as I made them on my own  without any background on image processing. What I have done is, First found out the irregular value in  3X3 matrix, which could possibly be noise. By ir...

algorithm for traveling salesman problem

Vehicle routing problem with time Windows (Vehicle Routing Problem with TimeWindows, VRPTW) is the core of logistics management – distribution vehicle schedulingAbstract, which is based on the VRP derivative of added time Windows,VRPTW can be described as: making users vehicles set out from the si...

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