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Cordic Algorithms classical references

Classic Cordic Algorithm documents: a survey of cordic Algorithms; corcic_elementary function computation using recursive sequences...

PRIM Algorithm

PRIM Algorithm Prim's Algorithm selects the minimum weighted edge between a vertex we have not yet accepted, and a vertex that we have accepted. We use a bit array to track the vertex numbers we've accepted, and simply search weight-sorted edge list for the first entry where one v...

AA tree Algorithm

Algorithm about aa tree in subject data struct and alogorithn. Project is coded in C++, console GUI, step by step arrange...


Introduction:The LZW Algorithm was patented by Unisys. It has been used in modems (standard V42 bis) and is still used in digital image formats GIF or TIFF files and audio MOD.L Algorithm was designed to be fast to implement, but is most of the time not optimal because it performs a limited analysis...

A Membrane Computing inspired Genetic Algorithm

Membrane computing isa new field of computer science under natural computing introduced by Paun Gh.about a decade ago. P system, as it is sometimes called, has some inherent benefitswhich include communication ability and parallelism advantage. Membrane Computing uses some rules for its operations....

Kruskal Algorithm

Kruskal's Algorithm is a greedy Algorithm in graph theory that finds a minimum spanning tree for aconnected weighted graph. This means it finds a subset of the edges that forms a tree that includes every vertex, where the total weight of all the...

left edge Algorithm for routing in vlsi

 A channel is a routing region bounded by two parallel rows of terminals. The main objective of channel routing Algorithm is to minimise the channel height. The Left-Edge Algorithm(LEA) was the first Algorithm developed for channel routing. The chips are placed in rows and the areas between...

Function optimization Algorithm based on quantum genetic Algorithm

Quantum genetic Algorithms (Quantum Genetic Algorithm,QGA) is the quantum computation and genetic Algorithms (Genetic Algorithm,GA) combination of product, is a new probability evolutionary Algorithm. Quantum genetic Algorithm is will quantum calculation and genetic Algorithm phase combines and form...

Multi-objective Pareto optimal solution search Algorithms

Multi-objective optimization refers to the constrained optimization of two or more goals, and that these goals are contradictory and cannot achieve optimal, in other words, a goal best tend to be at the expense of other goals at the expense of, so multiple optimal solutions for multiobjective optimi...

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