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Android4.3 Bluetooth 4.0 demo

Android system must be 4.3 per cent, mobile phone Bluetooth 4, the project has been implemented for the Bluetooth device discovery, pairing, connection, characteristic value in the discovery service, disconnect and other functions, refer to the official website address at: http://developer.Android.c...

Android QR code scanning

This is a in Android2.3 and the above system Xia run and development of Android II dimension yards scan software, the package inside has needs document, with Javadoc generated of code document, convenient readers read moving code, while inside also has code design of UML design figure, this can put...

Android Timer Example

AndroidTimer Example is algorithm that create a bucle with a constant period to excecute any proces acording to time....

Android PCM player

Android playback performance PCM audio data , collected for testing audio PCM data is correct !...

Android source code

Android source code, one can allow lianliankan games on an Android phone, with source code...

Android native email source code

Android email systems, using a Java language development, you can download!...

Android PushMessage

This program implements the message push on Android . System Develop Environment: win7 32bit+eclipse 4.2 + ADT 22 +JDK 1.7.The program  need the third part library or jars ,which are in the libs folder  .When you build it ,you can get the apk file.Install the apk file ,you can demo it...

Android Live Wallpaper

This is the Android Live wallpaper code that comes from GITHUB. Backgrounds are chosen from Flickr depending on your current location. With millions of world locations and billions of photos, what will you uncover? This version is currently optimised for the Nexus One. We’ll target more pho...

Android calendar

Android version of the calendar control, achieve the basic function of the calendar can be displayed on a monthly, including switching, etc. Control is simple, just to achieve the basic functions, hope that we can give an opinion....

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