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2014-12-16 12:39    By:vish      View:17      Download:0

this is a tcl code for unicast Routing Protocol  to be simulate in NS2.This code set 10 nodes and make a topology of 10 nodes to simulate in network simulator.The tcl code is used to write Routing Protocols and to find different parameters of Protocol i.e throughput,delay time,packet ratio etc....

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

SPIN Protocol for wireless sensor networks, implemented on NS2 language

59 minutes ago    By:livelygirl711      View:213      Download:2

SPIN Protocol for wireless sensor networks, implemented on NS2 language.  Source code is clear, easy to understand for beginners to work on NS2...

GUI Tcl/Tk

DSR Protocol improvements

40 minutes ago    By:PANJIAYING      View:60      Download:1

Improvement based on DSR Routing Protocol in Ad hoc network Routing algorithm for FETdsr to achieve a cross-layer-aware MAC layer on Routing congestion, selecting the path to less congestion...

NS2 Tcl/Tk

Wireless sensor network Routing

2014-12-18 12:59    By:2111315023      View:212      Download:0

Cluster-based Routing algorithm based on wireless sensor networks LEACH some of the improved code than LEACH algorithm new algorithm to prolong the life cycle, reducing the network node has a certain improvement on the Energy issue, more suitable for beginners to learn....

Algorithm Matlab

Video conference based on SIP Protocol source code

2014-12-21 01:35    By:ly_luo      View:165      Download:3

Video conference based on SIP Protocol source, which contains the AudioConference,DSP,include,TestVideoConference,TestVoiceConference, VCodec_Xvid,VideoConference directory, the corresponding SIP and video conferencing users have very good help....

VoIP C++

aodv Protocol

2014-12-14 09:23    By:ANU      View:18      Download:0

              #=========================================================             # Define options            ...

File Tcl/Tk

Neighbor Coverage Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for reducing Routing Overhead in MANET

2014-12-15 05:03    By:kavita      View:80      Download:2

Broadcastingis a fundamental operation in Mobile Ad Hoc Network MANETs whereby a sourcenode sends the identical or same packet to all the nodes in the network. Simpleflooding technique used for route discovery where a mobile node blindlyrebroadcast received route request packet until a route establi...

Algorithm Others

Reducing Energy consumption by clustering and mobility of sinks

2014-12-02 08:35    By:revathybaskaran      View:9      Download:0

I have created a clusters (collection of nodes)... For Energy efficiency i implement mobility for sinks... To avoid congestion clusters and rendezvous node was introduced... The cluster head is the node one among the cluster.. The cluster head collect data from all the nodes in its cluster which avo...

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

Multipath channel source code

2014-11-23 13:34    By:萧然流星      View:12      Download:0

Multipath source. In OFDM Systems is useful...

Matlab Matlab

Standard HDLC Protocol

2014-12-21 23:24    By:Naveel      View:58      Download:0

Standard HDLC Protocol: HDLC is the software implementation of High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) standard. It is a fully optimized C-code and It utilizes a state table based, Efficient algorithm. This code may be used on lots of platforms easily as desired.This toolkit basically implements HD...

Networking C
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