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the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

The CVRP is a hard combinatorial optimisation problem. The scenario is that a set of depots contains goods to be delivered to customers by a fleet of trucks. Each customer wants a certain integer amount of goods called their demand and each truck can only carry a certain amount called its capacit...

vehicular Routing Protocol AODV

matlab coding of vehicular communication Road network construction plays an important role to study vehicles behavior in specific area.  To observe a vehicle behavior road construction should be more realistic i.e.  more vehicles can move at highways as compared to city streets. ...

optimized link state Routing Protocol in ns2

This document describes the Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR)   Protocol for mobile ad hoc networks.  The Protocol is an optimization   of the classical link state algorithm tailored to the requirements of   a mobile wireless LAN.  The key concept used in th...

Multi-chain PEGASIS Routing Protocol with Sink Mobility

HiIn this paper, we recommend a multi-chain model ofPEGASIS along with induction of sink mobility tomaximize the network lifetime. Our considerations aresupportive in diminishing the delay in data delivery anddistances between the connected nodes through smallerchains. Sink mobility not only lessens...

AODV Routing Protocol

AODV, routes are discovered in an on-demand basis and are maintained as long as they are required. Like DSDV it maintains a sequence number, which it increases each time it finds a change in the topology of its neighborhood. This sequence number ensures that the most recent route is select...

Energy detection

This is the matlab code for Energy detection method among the techniques of spectrum sensing in Cognitive radio. Input is a QPSK signal....

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