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VHDL code for counter

Here is the code for counter in VHDL. --signal slow_clk : std_logic := '0';  --signal clk_divider : std_logic_vector(23 downto 0) := x"000000"; -- Clock divider can be changed to suit application.  -- Clock (clk) is normally 50 MHz, so each clock cycle  -- is 20 ns. A clock...

VHDL code for multiplexer

VHDL program for multiplexerwe can write 4:1 mux also like thisits very simple code for beginers to understand...

VHDL source files

Remote control code circuit design, VHDL source file containing the circuit design remote control coding, source code. Through this program, wireless remote control operations are implemented in FPGA Development Board, that achieve a high level of significance, a strong application....

VHDL breathing lamp procedures, VHDL learning routines

This code is absolutely true and reliable, FPGA breath lamp written in VHDL language. You can refer to the study, for the VHDL entry is very helpful. Library IEEE; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; has passed through the compiler, has realize...

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