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deS encryption algorithm

deS decryption algorithm by the C++ language, compiled in a VC++6 environment, can be used for testing, porting, just good reference encryption and decryption algorithms....

dense sift code easy, computer vision

dense sift points in the source code, there are very detailed notes, more suitable for beginners to understand, evenly dense sift points in one image acquisition sift points, and then using k-means clustering method to get a description of this image....

2013-12-30 00:40

de2_115_TV development Board routines, including SDRAM and asynchronous FIFO

de2_115_TV development Board routines, including SDRAM and application of asynchronous FIFO: through coordinated control 2 in 2 out of a total of 4 FIFO operation SDRAM...

2014-01-04 01:26

delphi COM introduction to programming

Software reuse is the goal of the industry, people have wanted to be like building blocks like "assemble" applications, role of component object acts as a building block. So-called component object is actually good and can complete a certain predefined functionality of services or interfaces....

de2-115 BCD 3 digit counter

In this program we use the de2-115 board to scroll HELLO on the display each time a key is pressed by shifting it on the left. The architecture uses a pipeline and a multiplexer ...

2014-10-14 04:11

delphi image compression and transmission

delphi, images, compression, transmission, implemented by delphi example screen capture, image compression, image transmission, uses for everybody study, if there are deficiencies, please forgive me, after all, is a novice, hope everyone can comment! Thank you, Ah!!!...

Leetcode the reference source code (Java)

Java implementation of leetcode part of the topic, and does not contain all of the 152 questions, only 44, the need for brushes algorithm problems, and prepare written interviews are still useful, especially foreign companies. Brush problem Web site

2014-10-24 05:08

deS Algorithm

It is the implementation of deS, there are several functions that do the same but have different name, that of because I attempted to show the step by step procedure for it algorithm deS and use a different name for each function.  The master code is to encrypt to return to th...

QRcode two-dimensional code generator source

Brief introduction        This is a simple example, to produce a specific text from the use of libqrencode library QRcode BMP files. There are many online reference library but there is no simple example. In this project, there are also problems arise when an alternative is...

2014-11-06 01:59
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