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This document provides, in summary form Fngprnt application for each file's contents. Fngprnt.vcproj This is Lord of the VC++ projects generated using an application wizard project files. It contains a version of Visual C++ that generated the file information, as well as selected with the applica...

opencv, Image Stitching

Image mosaic problem is based on an important topic in image rendering (Image base Rendering, IBR) research in the field, the main technical means is a virtual environment reconstruction. It is going to solve the problem is how to belittle domain image photo mosaic into a large field of view, to mee...

ASM opencv implementation of face detection

ASM algorithm based on opencv face detect, including organs (eyes, nose, mouth) and face recognition, and testing to better results, moderate difficulty, suitable for beginners to learn to use....

Camera calibration based on opencv

This is the source code of camera calibration based on opencv, it use computer camera to do chessboard calibration.Camera calibration instructions: the process of using opencv for camera calibration can be found in help documentation of opencv. It is very useful. I am here to explain some key points...

Halcon and opencv image format conversion

C++ code: opencv Mat,iplImage Halcon Hobeject image format image formats conversion code. Includes: IplImage go Hobject,Mat go Hobject,Hobject go Mat,Hobject go IplImage. Halcon and for learning opencv image use, I hope to be helpful....

opencv implementation of VC + + scan line filling polygons

Using opencv create new images, mouse click in the image to draw, and automatically link and right-click the automatic closing function, and then right-click the fill color. Mainly using scanline algorithm of color filling, the results were pretty good,....

Using opencv Gets the maximum area in binary image contours and rounded up

Vs2010+opencv2.4.4 implementation of two value images to find the maximal contour, to reduce the noise has a great effect, to find the maximum region using rectangle ring up....

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