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Chinese n-Gram Language model word count

GE N-Gram for writing Hanyu 頻 formulae to be enough design, using binary tree as he led reason information information arabesquitic, design is for writing Hanyu 頻 speed....

Scroll word

This file show you how to code LabVIEW to scroll a word like a LED. With this app you can design your own LED on LabVIEW. You can use subVI in this app to do another program. It's so useful if you like LED. In this subVI, it consider your text as a graphic to draw....

Excel VBA get word resume information

This document contains VBA code, you can extract zhilian word resume information and expectations, in the context of Excel actions word documents...

This program will change Windows power scheme via its dialogbox and restore it back using Power APIs.

This program will change Windows power scheme by Power APIs via its dialogbox. Valid Windows are Vista or later version Windows.  ...

ASP Access checkbox value

string str_save_cbljl = ""; foreach (listitem li in cbljl.items) { if (li.selected == true) { str_save_cbljl += li.value + ","; } } response.write(str_save_cbljl);...

A Picture box fader

Title: [ A Picture box fader ] Description: (please vote and give feedback) this will fade a pictures box colors from one to the next. verry fast code less than 1 second. 100% my own code,pure vb no API. works great for the title of forms. look at my other submission at withch alows you to move...

Vs2010 produced word report generation

Vs2010-based MFC development, data acquisition and data input, including word and Excel reports generated and automatically fill in data and implement histogram in Excel and images added...

hello word

#include<stdio.h> printf("hello word");dafdsfsffffffffffffdafdafadsfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd...

3D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna

3 D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna. The simulation was done on an FDTD grid with size: nx*ny*nz*nt = 80*80*50 * 210. Absorbing boundaries are present (Berenger's technique) consisting of the outermost 10 layers....

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