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Color Deconvolution for image processing, image thresholding, Circle fit algorithm

2014-11-19 07:00    By:pradeep      View:17      Download:0

Performs color deconvolution on histopathological images and then threshold it using ostus method. Finally identifies boundaries......

Image Processing Matlab

Example 283--create a Win32 DLL to exports a rectangular surface area and volume cmputation class

3 hours ago    By:kiva      View:249      Download:0

Example 283--create a Win32 DLL to exports a rectangular surface area and volume cmputation class...

Windows C++

----GRNN network prediction based on generalized regression neural networks for freight volume forecast

2014-11-23 14:47    By:njwhat      View:45      Download:0

Generalized regression neural networks   (Generalized Regression Neural Network, referred to as GRNN)   is a United States scholar Donald f. Specht proposed in 1991, it is one of the radial basis function network. GRNN has is strong of nonlinear mapping capacity and flexible network struct...

Matlab Matlab

routing in wireless network using evolutionary multi-objective optimization techniques

8766 hours ago    By:alyaa      View:13      Download:0

Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET’S) are decentralized, self-organizing networks capable of forming a network without relying on any fixed infrastructure .defining on ad hoc network as an autonomous system of mobile hosts connected by wireless links. A routing algorithm should strive to find a shortes...

Matlab Matlab

model photovoltaic

2013-11-27 14:24    By:Yahiko      View:8      Download:0

This paper investigates a new approach of computation using particle swarm in order to resolve economic environmental dispatch problem. This approach is called accelerated multiobjective particle swarm optimization (AMOPSO) which incorporates vector function as objective function and uses matri...

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